Physical Demands of Workamping Jobs Are Good Exercise

The physical demands of workamping jobs may prevent some from accepting certain jobs in the first place. Personally, I’ve enjoy our workamping jobs that offer the opportunity for strenuous or invigorating work outdoors. While we may not be technically workamping right now, we are helping out around the property where we are currently camped out for the summer. That means putting in some time with my good friend Manuel Labor.

Rock Pile Workamping Labor

My big project this summer was making this rock pile disappear. So I did it with a shovel.


Get Your Exercise with Workamping Physical Demands

Some say, work smarter, not harder. But why fix a farm tractor, when you can tackle a project like this with a shovel and a few buckets of sweat? Long story there, but the physical demands of the job are a main reason why I love ranch workamping.

I’ve done my share of rigorous workamping jobs that had some pretty strenuous physical requirement. The most demanding, by far, was at Vickers Ranch. From those long days running around hay fields, to logging, and the time I learned how to install an Agridrain, it is those workamping job physical requirements that make me such a happy workamper.

I’ve always said I’d never take the typical RV park workamping job escorting campers to their sites. I’m not above that, it just sounds boring. And personally, I hate being escorted by men who insist on helping me park. Rene and I have our system down. Well, I also always say, never say never, so we shall see. Maybe later in life when those physical demands become more demanding.

physical workamping job

For now, I’ll stick to those workamping jobs that get me outdoors using my body. Take this rock pile job for instance. I had fun taking on that challenge. Load after load, I would tackle it in the mornings after my marathon training runs. And I would pick away at it in the evenings. The smaller the pile got, the faster I would shovel. The sense of accomplishment after seeing it gone – and knowing that I did it by hand – feels good like a metaphor.

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I’m sure there are some workampers out there who may consider landscape maintenance and cleaning restrooms fairly demanding physical requirements of workamping. Rene was hoping for some more physically challenging workamping when she took that amazon warehouse job, way back when. But she was stuck boxing, which I have heard some complain about being too physically demanding as it is, in the Facebook Workampers Group I manage.

workamping labor

How long did it take to to disappear that rock pile? Let’s just say, I started shortly after we got here to our own little Camp COVID back in March. Those days were still pretty damp and cold. By the time I was done with the workamping physical demands of this job, I was working up a pretty good sweat!

So where do we find these physically demanding workamping jobs? The same place you can find all sorts of workamping jobs everywhere with minimal physical requirements: Workamper News, of course!

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