Location Independent RVing Shatters Stereotypes

One benefit we never expected from nomadic living is that it’s not only fun, it’s enlightening. It opens the door to the unexpected and turns stereotypes upside down. Nearly every day the location independent RVing lifestyle hands you opportunities to expand your mind and make you a better, wiser person. For example;

We used to think the middle of the U.S. was a flat, empty space that lacked natural beauty.

But then we went camping in the Upper Midwest and the Badlands, and saw that we were wrong.

Badlands, RV, camping
The Badlands are so beautiful.

There was also a time when we despised everything about Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas, downtown, El Cortez, Fremont St.
Downtown Vegas is better than the Strip.

Then we fell for the mesmerizing Rita Lim, Joey Ugarte and the Jazz Vibrations band at the El Cortez. Now, downtown Vegas is now one of our favorite places to visit.

Las Vegas, downtown, El Cortez, Fremont St., Joey Ugarte, Rita Lim
Joey Ugarte, Rita Lim and the Jazz Vibrations

Two weeks ago when we arrived just days after the horrific Manadaly Bay shooting, we saw firsthand that Sin City locals are kind and compassionate. Another preconcieved notion about Vegas, gone. 

Las Vegas, downtown, El Cortez, Fremont St., #VegasStrong

We also used to say that we would never dine out on seafood anywhere but on the coast.

But silly us. This wandering lifestyle recently showed us that this was a dumb belief too. Our end-of-summer celebration dinner at Fish in Fort Collins, Colorado was a revelation: you really can get great seafood in the middle of the U.S.!

Finally, Fresh Fish in the Rockies

Living on the Northern California coast spoiled us rotten when it came to fresh seafood. We bought crab and tuna right off the docks and devoured the freshest sushi around. Residing just steps from the water turned us into seafood snobs. We never believed that seafood sold in the middle of the country could match the taste or quality of our NorCal delicacies.

But a tiny restaurant in Fort Collins proved that yes it can be just as good.

Fish, Fort Collins, Colorado
Oysters on the Half Shell at Fish, Fort Collins Colorado

We had passed by the family-owned Fish at least a dozen times while spending summers at Jerry’s Acres. What a mistake to overlook this popular 15-year old restaurant. We scoffed at the very idea of spending good money on seafood in the Rockies.

But Fish Yelp reviews compelled us to go there for a special dinner in October. We wanted to celebrate our next full-time RVing chapter in life. So on a busy Saturday night we took a chance without a reservation and as if on cue, a table opened up one hour later. 

Fish, Fort Collins, Colorado
Steamer Clams are the real deal

It was meant to be. From the Ahi tuna egg rolls to the oysters, steamers and crab cakes, each item was as perfect as the day it came out of the water. Prices were more than fair for small plates or entrees. 

Fish, Fort Collins, Colorado
Famous Ahi Tuna Egg Rolls

The ambiance made it even more special. Fish has the rustic vibe of an old-school coastal seafood joint, the likes of which have disappeared in Northern California. It’s run by a cute couple who works their tails off to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Even cooler was that everyone from the wait staff to the kitchen crew seemed to get along and have a good time. The place just felt happy.

Fish Fort Collins Colorado
Owner of Fish shows kids a live crab.

We rarely write about restaurants, but Fish was one of the most outstanding and unforgettable ones we’ve visited over the last ten years. Not only was it tasty, but it reminded us that expectations are a waste of time. From now on instead of just relying on assumptions about places and people, we’ll continue to get out there to uncover the real story.

Location independent RVing doesn’t get any better than this. 

6 thoughts on “Location Independent RVing Shatters Stereotypes”

  1. My husband is retired and I am getting close to being that myself. we had thought about what advanture our life will take when that happens. we considered getting a time share and traveling or buying a RV. After reading your blog I can see the advantages to RVing. The freedon to go when every, see whatever, do whatever and of course EAT whatever. thaks for helping us make this decission.

    • Well thanks Sherri! We love this lifestyle and are glad we decided to give it a try. There’s only one way to find out if it works for you, so do it! And if you have any questions at all just holler. Good luck and happy travels!

  2. I didn’t give much credibility to “fresh seafood” in the desert, or the mid-west, until we toured a clam farm on the west coast of Florida. As they bagged clams, they packed them in 4 ft. square coolers on pallets. They were heading to the airport shortly, and taking a plane to Las Vegas. So, I could drive down to the docks in town, stop in a local seafood restaurant, and eat fresh clams that were harvested that morning. Or, I could be in Vegas, eating the same clams, that were harvested that morning.

    • That’s aweseome insight Kerry, thank you for sharing. I think if we had enjoyed an experience like that years ago we could have been enjoying some great seafood!


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