The Situation is The Boss (Again)!

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, pandemic pandemonium pummels us over the head and turns life upside down. What a fantastic reminder that the situation is the boss (again), and always will be.

There’s Gotta Be an Upside, Right?

This panedmic a reminder to live in the Now (or Be More Dog as Jim and I like to say). There’s no denying that although we can plan all we want for places we want to go and create lists of things we want to do, the future is only an illusion. 

The Situation is the Boss (Again)

Like everyone around the world, our springtime plans are on hold. So much for the May 3rd Colorado Marathon, or seeing our friends in Fort Collins. We have no idea where we will end up after we leave Fountain of Youth on April 1st. Right now, we are truly going wherever the wind takes us.

Jim wants to get away from cities and people, and ride this out in the hinterlands, maybe in that cold but sweet camping spot near Rawlins, Wyoming

But I just checked the weather and nixed that idea for a while. We may be headed to Silver City, New Mexico instead. I’m not real sure. If you have any ideas for free camping in a relatively warm place, away from people, let me know.

Wanted: Community Spirit 

FOY coronavirus deniers
The FOY gym, March 16, 2020.

A few days ago when the shit started hitting the fan I had a pie-in-the-sky idea to get a small group of friendly, like-minded RVers together. We would circle the wagons on BLM land and create a true support community. It would be close enough to a city so that we could get services and supplies, but not too close to get into the ruckus. And if someone were to get sick, another RVer can go out and do the shopping for them, walk the dogs, etc. 

But when I put my community-building idea out there to a small group of Xscapers/Escapees acquaintances on Facebooger, the concept was met with crickets. I don’t get it. Sounded like a good plan to me.

Denial is NOT just a River in Egypt. It’s here at FOY.

FOY coronavirus deniers
The FOY produce market, March 17, 2020

Are people in denial that this is getting more serious by the minute? Absolutely. We are in a bubble out here, isolated from any real city and not part of the panic happening 40 miles down the road. As an example, today at the FOY produce market, people were crammed in line just, like always. 

Only me, a woman in front and a woman behind me were giving each other a few feet of breathing room. I used a tissue to hold the food basket, and had a plastic bag over my hand. Only one other customer was doing the same.

Then, when I looked around, I couldn’t believe what I saw. A customer waiting to pay was eating strawberries from the basket she was holding. She repeatedly put hands to mouth, then continued grabbing more produce to put in her basket. I almost screamed at her “YOU IDIOT!” but just stood there in shock. 

The nonchalant behavior of most people is stunning, considering that FOY is filled with the most vulnerable virus targets (the over 70 crowd).

Fountain of Youth Coronvirus Denial
Social distancing? Never heard of it. March 16, 2020

About the only “real world” vibe infiltrating FOY is the toilet paper hoarding. The park’s little convenience store had a stock of it come in today at 11 am and it was gone by 4. We missed out. Guess we’ll use old socks or something.

We’ll Go It Alone I Guess

I won’t deny that Jim and I are being a little careless too. We’re soaking in the hot tubs but trying to keep a distance from people (there’s no proof the virus can survive in chlorinated water). I also used the gym this morning. There was only one other person working out, but my intuition kept telling me it was a bad idea. I may not go back. If we get the virus I know we will survive but it’s the people I would give it to that worries me. 

Meanwhile, I’m a bit sad that Jim and I will be holed up somewhere on our own. I would rather be close to people we can count on right now, than in prepper mode. It’s a shame that my family lives in Los Angeles, and doesn’t have RV parking. We would be with them in a heartbeat.

FOY trail running
Where to go? Where to go?

As for Jim’s family, his brother has RV parking but it’s in Santa Rosa, California, and we don’t want to dive into that germy hotbed right now. So we really have nowhere in particular to go, other than somewhere we might be able to outrun this virus.

Life is upside down as we know it, but my heart tells me there will be good things that come out of it eventually.

Maybe people will see that the Great American pursuit of things and money isn’t as important as community, and having good health. 

Maybe people will come together and help one another through this crisis and beyond.

Maybe everyone will decide that yes, universal healthcare is a right. 

Maybe once things blow over, people will put more value on living in the Now. 

We can always hope, right?

In the meantime, wherever we land it’s likely we will be there a while, working as always and trying to keep a good attitude. I’ll start by doing my best to remember to laugh out loud on purpose, and listen to funny tunes like this:

Get this Rick Moranis Agoraphobic Cowby MP3 and remember that laughter is great medicine.

Rick Moranis Agoraphobic Cowboy MP3

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10 thoughts on “The Situation is The Boss (Again)!”

  1. I remember a phrase from Dr. Wayne Dyer from many years ago. I probably no longer recall it word for word, but it was something like this: The past is over for all of us and the future is promised to none of us. All we get is the here and now.” This was in the context of living in the present moment, which is the only moment in which we can actually live.

  2. If my shoulder PT was done I’d be happy to circle wagons with you.
    We have debated trying to go somewhere warm and isolated but my PT is keeping me here for now.
    Our biggest risk is our son who owns a shop that is still open.
    if we isolate ourselves from him and his wife then I guess we wouldn’t have any access to grandbaby and that would be sad 🙁.
    Take care of yourselves and be safe. I hope you find a good spot to camp in.

    • Patti, I hope you’re doing home PT. Don’t go there! I would stay put. Having a sticks-and-bricks is a real advantage right now, as many small towns want to stop outsiders from coming in and bringing their germs. I think we have a plan for a camping spot so we’re good. Stay healthy and may you and all of your family escape this icky virus!

  3. I LOVE your idea of circling the wagons! I too have been thinking about boondocking out in the middle of nowhere to ride this thing out. If things get much worse here (which they are bound to) we are with you! As soon as I get a bit further into my recovery :). I am really surprised you did not get any response.
    The scary thing is I have been watching states close down State Parks to camping and yesterday saw that Utah wants to close down not only Natl parks, but Natl forest AND BLM lands in the SE corner of the state to keep coronavirus out of the area (its probably already there).

    • Hey CR, thanks for reading. Yeah I was surprised that nobody jumped on it either. I think that the independent streak inherent to full-time RVers is a factor. Get well soon my friend so that you can bug out. I didn’t know about the proposal to close all public lands. Seems kinda impossible but you never really know what the gestapos in charge are capable of. Stay healthy! xo

  4. I know a few free camping spots here in Idyllwild, but we don’t meet your requirement for “warm.” 🙂 There is snow on the ground right now as I write this. Love your “the Nile” pun. 🙂

    • Hey Ric, thanks for the suggestion! Feel free to email me and send them my way. I know that your locale is super sweet in summertime. Anything is possible right now. Thanks for reading and stay healthy!


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