Apapure Water Filter Review – 2 Years Later

It has been almost two years since I wrote my first ApaPure water filter review: The Best Compact RV Water Filter. Sure, that was a bold statement considering I had just installed the ApaPure 2 water filtration system. But now I can stand by my claim.

If you’re looking for a good compact RV fresh water filter, check out my post with details about how to install the ApaPure2 under-sink filter. Changing the filter is much easier!

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ApaPure2 Filter Review Follow-up

LifeSource Water Systems claims the ApaPure 2 lasts an average family one year – longer than other comparable filters. Honestly though, I see no comparison. Granted, the only filtration we’ve used in the past has been a Pür faucet-mounted filter, and a Brita water filter pitcher. Neither of those lasted nearly as long, and required changing the filter much more often.

The ApaPure 2 cartridge is rated for 10,300 gallons of use over the lifetime of the filter. Since we aren’t exactly an “average family” we waited until we noticed a difference in the water before considering changing the ApaPure 2 filter cartridge. Primarily because, yes, it is expensive. And we’re cheap. It turns out, with the ApaPure 2, we are spending about 45 cents per day for clean drinking water. And after spending some time in Los Angeles, we can easily say that our water is far superior to any municipal water we have ever had.

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Ever since installing the ApaPure filter, we’ve forgotten about it and just enjoyed the clean tasting water. The first symptom that the filter needed changing was not the taste. We noticed the cold water pressure at the kitchen sink dropping in comparison to the hot water. We guessed it was due to the filter getting old. And we guessed right.

After replacing the ApaPure 2 filter, we immediately noticed increased water flow, and noticeably better tasting water – even though the water still tasted better than that from the bathroom sink.

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My only complaint is that LifeSource Water Systems does not sell a separate ApaPure 2 filter cartridge without the mounting mechanism. This is understandable, considering the manufacturing cost of the hardware is likely minimal compared to the filtration. Still, a couple bucks off, without having to waste plumbing part would be a nice benefit. At least now I have a backup. Until we replace the filter again, which won’t be for another couple years!

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How to Replace ApaPure RV Water Filter

1. Shut off fresh water supply and release water pressure from faucet.

2. Remove filter cartridge from new ApaPure 2 under-sink water filtration system.

3. Depress red tab on filter mounting hardware. Turn cartridge and pull down to remove.

4. Insert new filter cartridge and turn to lock in place.

Place a bowl or towel under ApaPure 2 while changing the filter cartridge to contain any dripping water. Keep cartridge upright upon removal to avoid spillage. Place a paper towel under the new filter and check periodically after running water to easily inspect for any leaks. Run water for a few minutes until it is crystal clear with no signs on carbon residue.

2 thoughts on “Apapure Water Filter Review – 2 Years Later”

  1. Hey there. We are researching water filters for our RV which will be our full time home like you! I saw on the apapure page they require a carbon filter before it reaches the apapure or else it can fail and that the apapure doesn’t remove arsenic, mercury, lead and much more and so a reverse osmosis is recommended. Did you all use only this unit or something else too? A tad overwhelmed with options

    • That’s news to us! We dealt directly with the company and there was never any mention of using a pre-filter. It’s been working great for us as is for years.


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