More Sweet Rides from SEMA

I’ll see Rene’s Patriot Sure Tourer review, and raise her this collection of custom builds and classic cars from our whirlwind tour of SEMA 2018. Even before entering, I was enamored by this pretty Storm.

Storm Custom Truck at SEMA 2018

I especially like the truck builds, overlanders and expedition vehicles always to be found at SEMA.

Rhino Van

Rhino spray-on bed liner isn’t just for truck beds at this show. This urban assault van in their booth caught my eye.

Cliffride Overlander Sprinter Van

But I’d prefer this custom off road Sprinter conversion. We saw a very similar rig hauling tourists around on our wild Alaskan RVing adventure.

Cliffride Jeep Camper

Cliffride had a couple sweet rigs on display, though they were clearly more for show than tell since nobody would open them up for a peek inside.

All Terrain Truck Trax

For some serious all terrain access, you could opt for some trax on your truck from 4WP.

Classic Military Truck

Or just go Old School, like this classic dominating the HIMA Lighting booth.

Pitbull Power Wagon

Or this tricked out Power Wagon built for the Pitbull Tires display.

Laid Back Custom Chevy

Speaking of Classics, rust is apparently the new black.

Custom Chevy Rust Paint Job

And old is the new new.

Classic 4WD

But you can’t help but admire the classic stock rides restored to mint condition.

Vangerine Chevy Van

Like this Vangerine with award winning interior.

SEMA Classic Cars

Some you just have to stand back and stare…

SEMA Classic Hot Rod

Others are purely hand-built hot rods.


While others still are straight off the showroom floor.

Custom Chome Chopper

But it’s not all cars and trucks.

Custom Chome Chopper

Custom bikes and UTVs can also be found.

Custom UTV Build

As much as I don’t care for RZR’s and the like, I wouldn’t mind taking this baby for a spin!

Custom Car Project

Of course, at SEMA you’ll always find the random concept car or pet project of somebody with money to burn.

Honestly however, in my opinion, the prettiest of them all are the ones people actually drive and clearly care for…

Bitchin Camaro

Like this pristine ’68 convertible Bitchin’ Camaro we spotted outside the Italian American Club after my birthday dinner.

Which is your favorite!

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