Plan Early, Stay Focused and Tell Everyone About Your Road Trip Sabbatical

Early Retireee Plans RV Road Trip with MotorcycleSince launching our blog, we continue to find individuals who also want to hit the road and travel. Some, like Sara and Matt, are doing it in a truly eco-groovy way, by treading lightly across America in a veggie oil powered RV. And the couple that inspired us, Phil and Carol White, continue to live their Road Trip Dream across America, while sharing the benefits of travel with others at conferences and events. Our Blog Roll, over on your right, has links to theirs and other RV travelers websites.

Recently, Rudy and Irene Tenorio of Atlanta, GA, contacted us, asking more details about our trip. This adventurous couple wants to take early retirement, starting in December, 2010. Because they’re smart and starting to plan now, and contacting others who are doing it, they’ll definitely be on the road to making it happen in ’10.

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Live / Work Report One

Whenever we find locals willing to chat (of which there are many in the rural places we visit), we ask loads of questions about the area, their work, the weather, you name it. They think we’re playing “20 Questions,” but what we’re really doing is trying to figure out:

  • where the heck we might move to, permanently
  • and what on earth we’ll do for a living

As summer winds down, the locals have more time to talk. Information is getting thrown at us as quickly as the summer days are going by. The following is a summary of what we’ve learned recently, so we can look back on it a year from now — if we do decide to settle down somewhere . . . or start to run out of money, whichever comes first!

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Watch out for sudden curves.

Tight Curve for an RVAfter putting more than 6,000 miles behind us, today was the first time I actually felt uncomfortable maneuvering the trailer. OK, I’ll admit it – I was scared. It takes a man to acknowledge his faults, and learn from them.

Call it overconfidence or poor navigation, or blame it on bad signage and a crazy sudden curve. It all comes down to this: when haulin’ 16,000 pounds plus, know where you’re going, stay alert, and never ever panic.

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LiveWorkDream Store Now Online!

We are proud to announce that the LiveWorkDream Full-Time RVing Superstore is now online! We developed this aStore as a service to our readers and filled it with helpful books, campground directories, road trip music, and RV products to help make life on the road a little easier. We sifted through the countless books, DVDs, music CDs, and product categories related to RVing, traveling, …

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The Full-Timer’s Uniform

This one’s for the Carson Park Ranger. This funny friend of mine has a hilarious routine about old full-time RVing couples, one of which we encountered at a wayside near Gaylord, MI. Where I came from they’re called rest stops, but that’s not the point. As we rested at this wayside stop, we spotted a man and woman identical to those in the Ranger’s shtick. …

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Look Out, Here Come the Localvores

Montello WI Amish FarmAbout 4 states ago, I whined about how I was stunned find out that people in North Dakota didn’t have fresh local lettuce all year long. Silly, spoiled native Californian. Getting out and into the real U.S. has opened my eyes.

As a lacto-ovo vegetarian since 1989, I always tried to live by the creed “Eat / Buy / Act Locally.” And when living in California, abiding by it was easy. I never gave much thought to those organic hearts of Romaine I’d buy in December. Even though I was paying as much as $3.00 a bunch, the lettuce was organic, and it was “local” because it grew in my own state, so it didn’t travel that far. During summer, as I bought salad greens at the Farmer’s Market each week, I was mentally adding up my bonus karma points. Score! How much more local and hippy dippy could I get? My, did I feel righteous at the checkout line!

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Playing Tourist and Paying Respect at Whitefish Point

At about the age of eleven, I remember being touched deeply by Gordon Lightfoot’s ballad, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The story of the 29 men that perished on that stormy early November night in 1975 just always touched a nerve for some reason. It still does. When we were in back in Duluth at the other side of Lake Superior, I started to …

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Catching up on home cooked food

Rudy’s DinerGood home cooking continues to be found as we put the Midwest behind us. To celebrate paying off our trailer at a US Bank branch in Sheboygan, WI and to put a couple persistent hangovers at ease after way too many with the Schwabenlanders, we stopped in Brillion, WI for fuel and decided to grab lunch somewhere.

There was Mom’s Place Family Restaurant in a plain building with laundromat next door. And there was an authentic looking roadside diner with Rudy’s written in neon and a sidewalk sign promoting the daily special of Roast Chicken. The choice was simple.

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Living the Good Life in Belgium, Wisconsin

Belgium, Wisconsin, Horse PropertyWisconsin has turned out to be a favorite state, and by the time we arrived in Belgium WI, about 40 minutes north of Milwaukee, lakeside, we thought, “hey, we could really live here.” The area is gorgeous. Rolling hillsides and farmland, quaint towns, roadside farmer’s markets, trees, and quiet county roads winding through the countryside.

My brother-in-law grew up in this old farming community (pop. 2000), and almost all 9 of his siblings, and parents, still live in the area today. Sherry, my brother-in-law’s sister, and her husband Dave generously let us set up our rig on their property. They have an incredible block of land out in the countryside, 40-acres that have been in the family for years, complete with horses, a pond, a garden, beautiful landscaping that the two have done all themselves, and trails in a forested area. It’s the perfect example of what Jim and I are looking for when we land somewhere.

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Remember Sunshine Valley

Sunshine Valley CampgroundWe’ve been thinking of various new business ideas for ourselves when we complete this journey. If at that time I am still interested in starting an RV park, somebody please remind me about Sunshine Valley.

On our corn-stealing morning run when staying near Eau Claire, WI we just had to check out the campground down the road from its dilapidated sign. The first thing we noticed was the For Sale sign at the edge of the property. Then we noticed the “Closed” sign at the campground entrance. Then we noticed how much work someone had put into this little campground and how long it had been since anyone had obviously even parked a tent there, not to mention an RV.

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Long live the urban refugee. Damn the urban refugee.

I have to share this New York Times article I just got from the Redwood Technology Consortium mailing list about location-neutral rural transplants since it focuses on urban refugees transplanting themselves to Steamboat Springs, CO – in Routt County where we really enjoyed our stay at Seedhouse Campground. We were considered urban refugees ourselves when we moved from San Francisco to rural Eureka, CA ten …

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Tracking the Twilight Honker

The Twilight HonkerIn campgrounds across the nation, at dusk when the light is just right, if one listens carefully, the chirp of the Twilight Honker can be heard announcing nightfall and the paranoia of fellow campers. With a scientific name like Honkalarmus Paranoiac, one can imagine frail little birds taking flight at the slightest hint of danger. The truth is, these annoying beasts are the result of discourteous, mistrustful campers everywhere.

It is inevitable that you will hear someone setting their car alarm as night falls in any campground. What’s funny is to hear the next few car alarms being set by others who heard the call. What’s not so funny is when someone sets off their alarm disrupting the relative peace and quiet of evenings and mornings in the great outdoors.

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