We’ve still got a lot to learn…

don’t eat the feed corn… not about this full-time RVing lifestyle, we seem to be getting that down pretty good. But René thinks she wants to be a farmer, and this morning we discovered that we can’t even tell a field of sweet corn from feed corn.

On our morning run down the rural county roads near our home (this week) at Harstad Park, we couldn’t help but be tempted by all the corn in the fields alongside the road, just ripe for the picking. What we got serves us right for taking two and dashing home.

As I plucked two huge ears and bounded out of the field, I cited a little Dukes of Hazard dialog in true Waylon Jennings fashion wondering if we’d soon hear a shotgun blast and feel the sting of rock salt on our backsides…

Well, Bo and Luke are at it again, dashin’ home with stolen corn cobs in hand. Let’s see if they can get out of this jam without ol’ Jesse gettin mad.

The Eleva Lee

Funny how later that day, we would drive by an exact replica of the General Lee parked outside a farmhouse in the little town of Eleva, WI. But there I go digressing again…

Thinking we had some scrumptious sweet corn to look forward to, later that afternoon we learned about feed corn. While visiting my sister in law’s in laws we admired their neighbor’s fields of corn surrounding the property and asked if that’s where they got the wonderful grilled corn we just ate. Nope. That was feed corn, grown strictly for livestock.

We can now tell the difference because sweet corn has white tassels coming out the ear ends. The tassels on feed corn are brown. And apparently, some sweet corn farmers have been known to plant a few rows of feed corn along the roads bordering their fields to keep poachers like us away. In all honesty, corn is plenty cheap in these parts, I just took it for the adventure and to taste cobs right off the stalk.

And taste it I did. If you ever have the chance, don’t bother! Feed corn is shallow, pasty and bitter. I thought something was funny when I peeled back the husk to reveal small, dimpled, bright yellow kernels instead of the plump, juicy, light yellow and white goodness we’ve been eating lately.

6 Responses to “We’ve still got a lot to learn…”

  1. Just a good ol’ boy, never meanin’ no harm,
    Beats all you ever saw get in trouble with the law since the day he was born…

  2. My Karma ran over my Dogma years ago…

  3. Hey, let’s get one thing straight; this wasn’t a “We” idea! I had no part of this brilliant idea.

  4. Mike and Cindi August 13, 2007 at 7:28 pm Reply

    Karma rears its ugly head..

  5. City Slickers! I am one myself. When I’d drive through San Joaquin Valley or Manteca, I liked it when they put signs on the road identifying the crops along the road. Sometimes I still go to the fruit stand and see fruit I am not familiar with and say to myself “What’s that?”


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