Long live the urban refugee. Damn the urban refugee.

I have to share this New York Times article I just got from the Redwood Technology Consortium mailing list about location-neutral rural transplants since it focuses on urban refugees transplanting themselves to Steamboat Springs, CO – in Routt County where we really enjoyed our stay at Seedhouse Campground.

We were considered urban refugees ourselves when we moved from San Francisco to rural Eureka, CA ten years ago. And since we served clients with graphic design services via the web at the time, you could have also called us location-neutral since we could have chosen to run our business from anywhere.

Looking at the size of towns we’ve been admiring lately, one might once again consider us urban refugees even coming from Eureka. That is if we end up in a place like Fergus Falls, MN or Belgium, WI. Whether or not we remain location-neutral when we finally plant roots somewhere again depends on exactly what we plan to do when we get there. And that depends on exactly where there is. The only challenge will be finding land at property prices that haven’t been driven too high by all the refugees that beat us there.

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