Tracking the Twilight Honker

The Twilight HonkerIn campgrounds across the nation, at dusk when the light is just right, if one listens carefully, the chirp of the Twilight Honker can be heard announcing nightfall and the paranoia of fellow campers. With a scientific name like Honkalarmus Paranoiac, one can imagine frail little birds taking flight at the slightest hint of danger. The truth is, these annoying beasts are the result of discourteous, mistrustful campers everywhere.

It is inevitable that you will hear someone setting their car alarm as night falls in any campground. What’s funny is to hear the next few car alarms being set by others who heard the call. What’s not so funny is when someone sets off their alarm disrupting the relative peace and quiet of evenings and mornings in the great outdoors.

I have to admit, I have done this myself. I felt stupid, and it got me thinking. So I came up with this simple tip so I won’t bother others with the chirp of my alarm when locking the truck. Simply open your door and use the driver’s side door lock button to lock all the doors. Then close the door. Just don’t leave your keys inside! With any luck you won’t be the one to set off a chain of car alarms as you settle down to enjoy quiet time by the fire.

The bigger question is why must we feel so nervous about our stuff when camping? What makes us lock the doors? Why do we bring with us the paranoia of big city life that we so try to escape when coming to such remote places?

3 thoughts on “Tracking the Twilight Honker”

  1. Because like it is hard to take the country out of the boy (I still have to remind my husband to lock up at night), it is just as hard to take the city out of us city born and raised people. I just finished telling my sister how strange it was for me to sleep with the windows open in WI. Actually it was quite beautiful to feel the summer breeze and hear the wind in the trees, crickets chirping, and see stars! WOW! Compared to in the city there might be a breeze, but you can’t see the stars and only hear sirens and helicopters hoovering so it’s not like you miss out by closing and locking the windows!


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