Why We Love Helping Workampers, And How

Rene and I have been helping Workampers, pretty much ever since we started workamping. We first started managing the Workampers Facebook Group in September, 2012. Okay, I pretty much manage the group, but Rene helps moderate posts when things get crazy. And it’s been getting crazier and crazier over the past few years. But as much as some trolls and angry ol’ timers with too much time on there hands may criticize our efforts, we still enjoy helping workampers discover the many resources out there for finding the best workamping jobs.

We’ve been helping workampers, however, since long before we started that Facebook group nearly a decade ago. After all, we discovered workamping in 2007, not long after hitting the road. A couple months later, we enjoyed our first workamping job at Safe Harbor animal rescue in North Carolina. That only lasted a few weeks – since we didn’t want anything long term at the time – but we were hooked. Ever since, we’ve written all about our workamping jobs – from the animal rescue and organic farm, to Vickers Ranch and Riverbend Hot Springs Resort, and others.

How We’re Helping Workampers

The greatest way we’re helping workampers now, is with the updated fourth edition of our workamping guide and full-time RVing lifestyle handbook, Income Anywhere! And yes, I frequently post about this comprehensive resource in the Workampers group. Why? Because I like helping workampers. I’m serious.

Sure, I like selling books. But why? I get the greatest satisfaction by helping others discover how to enjoy this lifestyle as much as we do. And based on the majority of feedback we receive, and our book reviews, we’re doing just that. Helping workampers that is…it has a lot to do with what we explain about finding your purpose on the Self Employment section of Income Anywhere!

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Some of my posts to the Workampers Group may seem repetitive. I get that. And yes, I do cut and paste a couple favorite comments to welcome new members. For every new member, it will be the first time they see my welcome. Time management is one key to successfully working from the road. We have a life beyond the Faceborg, and various income streams to tend to which have kept us on the road for 15+ years and counting.

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Managing the group is time consuming. And yes, at times the divisive nature of social media makes it frustrating. But at 75,500+ members and growing, we’re clearly doing something right.

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Gratitude from Group Members

Nearly every single member of the group thanks us for these comments. And this makes all our efforts worthwhile. It is similar to the gratification we receive from members of our Tripawds support community. There, people also discover us in search of answers. And it is our honor, our pleasure, and our duty to help. That is why we keep helping workampers too.

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Those who may dislike seeing my similar “promotional” posts over and over can, well…scroll on by. The truth is, 99% of all new group members thank me for helping workampers. Our readers also appreciate the time and research we put into developing the best workamping guide available.

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We’ve now been loving the nomadic lifestyle for 15+ years. Workamping helps make that possible. We enjoy helping workampers discover these resources because we hate hearing the horror stories.

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Search the Workampers Group and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve heard from too many new solo RVers, couples, and families hitting the road without the proper resources they need to support their nomadic lifestyle. I’ve heard tales of people stranded without work, or not enough fuel money to move on the their next job – if they could find one.

The truth is, there are workamping jobs everywhere! Employers are desperate right now. We’ve seen many offering good wages, reasonable hours, seasonal bonuses, and fuel reimbursement.

Top 3 Workamping Resources

Over the years we’ve discovered many books and resources about how to find workamping jobs. We’ve also seen many come and go. That’s why it may seem a bit repetitive when we repeat our top recommendations…

We discovered our very first workamping job in Workamper News. That was back in 2007, and we’re still premium subscribers. The daily hotline jobs make it simple to find workamping jobs wherever you want to travel. And our Awesome Applicant Resume has landed us some awesome surprise job offers over the years.

Every week it seems there is a new group on Facebook offering to help workampers. None, however, have been around as long, or grown to nearly 80,000 members.

And, we may be a bit biased, but reader feedback and Amazon reviews indicate how our #1 New Release rated workamping guide can help anyone earn an Income Anywhere!

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your feedback.

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  1. Groups like this on Facebook was and or is a great help to my wife and I when we first started traveling in 2016. We have only done a couple of RV Park workamping gigs but it led us to other sites which got us some great gigs. You guys specifically got us the info for Vickers which turned into such a great summertime job and they have become really good friends of ours. You are very much appreciated at least by us.


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