Terrific Trees Seen Along Our Travels

Terrific Trees: That was the topic suggestion from long-time friend and Live Work Dream fan “Codie Rae” in a comment on last week’s Friday Five.

How about Five Terrific Trees or Five Views That Blew Your Mind?

Well those fantastic views would be many more than five, for sure. But we may need to consider that collection for another time. For now, let’s see what amazing trees we can find among our 14+ years of nomadic lifestyle galleries.

terrific trees

This is the most recent tree that blew my mind in my camera roll. I haven’t even updated our galleries with the many photos since leaving the ranch this summer. But this Tree of Life truly blew me away. We found it atop a hill on a run through the high desert in Dinosaur National Monument. (Yeah, we’ve got lots of those photos to share too.)

tree of life

Just look at how old this terrific tree is! Closer inspection proved how it has been hanging on by one old gnarled root for who knows how long.

terrific tree

The first terrific tree I found was this creepy Spanish Moss covered monstrosity in the Downtown Savannah Cemetery. Not to be confused with out taphophillic tour of Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery.

terrific trees

These old Cottonwood trees must have blown me away at Rancho de las Golondrinas. If that’s not what they are, I’m sure someone will correct me. 😉

terrific trees

Of course, this terrific tree hanging on for its life to the brim of Black Rock Canyon is a contender.

ponderosa pine

And then of course there was that massive Ponderosa Pine we full the summer of 2008, our first year at Vickers Ranch.

ponderosa pine

That’s the one we found musket balls buried deep inside. Somebody clearly used it as target practice long ago. But Perk didn’t know anything about it. And what are the chances we’d saw through a few!?

fern tree

This moss and fern covered beauty is surely a terrific tree. No disappointment here, even if we did see find it on our trip to Cape Disappointment.

shoe tree

Finally, we’ve found a few shoe trees in our travels. This one was at The Slabs, and may still be, but we haven’t been back there in a while. And that makes more than five fun fotos for this Friday Five. Granted though, I did have some doubles in here. We’ll see if we can come up with a few mind blowing views for next time!

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