The Road Goes On Forever for These Digital Nomads

I’m tired. So I’ll keep this short. The road goes on forever, and the moving never ends…Oh, and it’s time for a new map.

road goes on forever
May 2019 – April 2020

Thanks to that whole pandemic thing, we’ve remained more or less stationary for more than a year. There was that one long haul to Oregon, when we bugged out of FOY after it all began. Then we B-lined back to sit out the winter in relative safety.

Then in the past 96 hours, I’ve driven more than 1,120 miles. Tomorrow we turn around and retrace the last 200 or so – and come back – to retrieve our stuff out of storage. That “stuff” is nothing like it was the first time around.

Too Much Stuff, Circa 2009.

What we have now will fit in a 12′ U-Haul trailer, with room to spare. Just some mementos and bare necessities we may enjoy when the day comes for us to “settle down”. It will feel good to stop paying the storage bill, and we’ll likely end up selling more of it again.

real bathroom

I’m ready for the relative comforts our new “home” will provide. But becoming homeowners again by no means means our wheels will stop turning. The house is more of a tool to get us what we want once they don’t anymore. Check back come the end of summer, and we’ll be itchin’ to hit the road again, I’m sure.

Someday we may hang up the keys, but never for good I’ll bet. The road goes on forever, but for now I guess these digital nomads are official snowbirds again.

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