Fun Friday Photos From the Fort Collins Home Base

As we mentioned on Wednesday, we did it. We are homeowners again! Our new Fort Collins home base is our fourth go-around at real estate in the 26 years we’ve been together.

Fort Collins home base
It’s a property that meets all of our requirements. And then some.

This time it’s a doozy. We haven’t jumped into another historic money pit fixer-upper like we owned in Eureka, California. This house is move-in ready. But it requires a few lifestyle changes.

Look Out Colorado, We’re Headed to Our Fort Collins Home Base

Fort Collins duplex
The back half. We are landlords again.

The house is a duplex. The back half is currently rented out, while the front half is newly renovated and waiting for us. We will occupy it during summer only, and get back on the road in winter. Living there is a see-how-it-goes arrangement, so we don’t want to root down too much.

Fort Collins duplex rental
It’s bigger than the RV but too small to fill with crap, so we won’t.

This is a pretty big change for us. But when we discovered that this place would allow us to get into the Fort Collins real estate market, and reach our goal of retiring there some day, it was a no-brainer. If we don’t like living in this house, we still have a great investment property. We’ll move out, lock our stuff up in the garage, get back on the road full-time and rent both sides. The rental income covers the mortgage and then some. 

Fort Collins duplex rental
The only furniture we still own is an ugly Lazy Boy recliner and a bed!

The purchase also enables us to bid adios to our Texas domicile. It’s time to become true Coloradoans. I don’t enjoy the idea of paying state income tax again, or complying with county bureaucracy, but becoming Colorado residents also enables us to have better health care on the road, finally. It’s worth the sacrifice.

Fort Collins duplex rental
I’m going to enjoy the bathroom!

Technically the house is in Laporte, a small rural community just northwest of the city. It’s right off the Poudre River Trail, a great marathon training route, summertime tubing spot and all-around focal point of the area. I’m looking forward to starting each day on the path.

Poudre River Trail Fort Collins
The Poudre River trailhead is one block over.

You can even take the trail to downtown Fort Collins, just five miles away. Or bike to New Belgium Brewing Company!

New Belgium tour
No trip to Fort Collins is complete without a New Belgium tour!

We are snowbirds, again!

Fort Collins duplex rental
The backyard is big enough for a couple of RVs. Maybe we’ll Air BnB it!

We especially love that the neighborhood is a little funky but not junky, and anything but the cookie-cutter suburbia we always wanted to avoid. The property isn’t perfect. The house needs some work. We will need to buy some furniture and home goods. And then there’s the landlord thing. But it has RV parking, a nice garage perfect for metalsmithing, and a huge yard that someday can accommodate another RV (book your spot soon!). And the most important thing: our investment will grow much faster than in a savings account! It’s a much-needed step toward a more secure retirement for us.

We are Officially RV Snowbirds Again!

Fort Collins duplex rental
This is what happened when we drove up to look at the house in February.

Our plan is to leave FOY and move in the first week of April. Enjoy summer. And sometime in the Fall we will fly south for winter.

Fort Collins 2021 blizzard
Our goal: never experience these temperatures EVER again!

During the awesome weather in-between spring and fall, we will make the most of everything Northern Colorado has to offer, pandemic or not. Hopefully not.

Stay tuned for the big move, coming soon!

18 thoughts on “Fun Friday Photos From the Fort Collins Home Base”

  1. Hi, it’s your neighbors at FOY, Sam and Sue. We finally left FOY April 12. We are at our daughter’s in the Bay Area for the weekend and heading home on Monday.

    Your new place looks great with lots of possibilities. Sounds like a great area, as well.

    Enjoy your summer. See next fall.
    Sam and Sue

  2. Congrats, looks like the universe worked things out. There is a great place in LaPorte for Cinnamon Rolls. LOL. We used to spend a month or so in the whole Ft Collins, LaPorte, Wellington area working jobs. I might have to come for a visit and do some fly fishing on the Poudre River. And yes, we did Bohemian Nights a few times, as well as many brewery tours. Hugs

  3. These digs look great for you two road-runners, congratulations Jim and Rene! We retired to a small island in the Pacific Northwest so we get the Colorado thing, peace n’ quiet and sure, a wee cold at times but all in all, no So. Cal. traffic or tudes. On our island you can drive as fast as you want so long as it’s under 25 MPH. Bikes, walking, our electric Fiat 500, life is good. Our carbon footprint has been likened to that of a Cornish game hen’s, real small, but that’s us. Electric toothbrush, eBike. When our batteries fail to hold a charge we force them into our Vitamix 5200 until they become this silvery slurry of which we pour into our neighbors RV’s black water tank. He just laughs and so do we. Regardless, I’m wishing you both the best. Eric

  4. Congratulations! I am so happy things fell into place for you. I hope you have many years of happiness there, can’t wait to see your new shop set up 🙂

  5. Congrats! It looks great, and you can always hire a property manager if it’s in the budget and you want to avoid dealing with being a landlord.

  6. Congratulations! Its the perfect solution for now and gives you so many options 🙂 Officially booking that RV spot for late spring or early fall, not sure which yet 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in person again!

  7. This looks perfect for what you want to do! I’m excited for you. I hope you’ll really enjoy it. Especially a whole garage for setting up your workshop!


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