Recent or Random? RVing Photos and Ramblings

It’s few weeks since I shared my Fun Foto Friday collections of random RVing photos. It’s been longer than that since I updated our RV Lifestyle Galleries. So let’s try something new. Here’s a collection of recent photos instead. As usual, click the pics to view larger in gallery mode…

westfir forest run

Willamette Forest near Westfir, Oregon

These RVing photos aren’t necessarily very recent. Considering some are from before we left our Camp Covid summer hideaway.

forest ferns

Tiny Ferns in Big Forest

And they don’t necessarily depict any RVs. Since we haven’t exactly been RVing during Covid 19.


Silly Succulents

For more plants and animals, see our Flora and Fauna gallery.

scary scene

If a truck burns in the forest…

I ran past this spooky scene many times while training for our first ultra marathon. It almost inspired me to publish another DIY Scary Story.

Peacenik Nightmare

Peacenik Nightmare Indeed

Almost. Just another Peacenik Nightmare.

I said Socket, not Sprocket!

I wonder if Sprocket had anything to do with that. Extra credit for anyone who gets the caption reference. 🙂

above cloudlines

Running above the clouds.

But then, in a matter of days, our world turned inside out.

above the fog

Up Above the Fog

It’s a totally different world down here indeed.


Communications Breakdown

We’re not taking many RVing photos these days, now that we’re stationary again. Maybe I’ll get back to much more mad randomness for future Fun Foto Fridays.


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