A DIY Scary Story

I keep hearing how some people are going stir crazy being cooped up at home while sequestering in place to stay safe during this pandemic. Having always worked from home with Rene, I simply don’t understand that, and can’t imagine ever being bored – what with so much work we always have going on. But I digress. If that’s you, this one is for you…

San Francisco

Create Your Own Scary Story

Imagine if you will, what’s going on here. This particular random collection of Fun Friday Fotos, paints a rather vivid picture.

Westfir Woods

Or it could rather, if I took the time to come up with the words.

Nelson Point

So I’ll leave that up to you.

Lakehead, CA

If you have cleaned your rig enough, and can only take so much Netflix, post your short story in a comment below.

creepy car

What happened? If I told you the truth, you’d likely just get more bored. So let’s see if we can come up with something a bit more creative.

Creepy Car!

I will tell you, I was pretty spooked at a certain point. But pushed on, keeping Fearvana in mind.

forest bridge

Yet at another point, I felt quite a sense of relief.

Office Bridge

These photos were taken along our journey from southern California to Oregon, after buggin’ out when this pandemic business got real.

Office Covered Bridge

Does your story have a happy ending?


Mine does.

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