Most Important Honda Generator Maintenance Tip

Regardless of what generator you have, regularly perform this one portable generator maintenance tip to keep it performing like new. I love my Honda 2000 series portable generator. It is now 13 years old. And at the risk of jinxing myself, it remains as quiet and reliable as when we first got it. Thanks to regular maintenance.

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We don’t need to run our generator as often as we used to, ever since our RV solar power upgrade. That just makes it all that more important to do this one thing, to ensure it starts quickly when we need it to – especially when we need to start the generator in cold weather!

Best Portable Generator Maintenance Tip

I have never had to have any service done on our Honda generator. That is because I perform regular maintenance and inspection, no matter how long its been since we used it last. Yes, I check the oil and clean the air filter. But most importantly, I start the generator and add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.

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Add Stabil Fuel Stabilizer to Maintain Portable Generator

Bad gas can kill any engine, causing the need for some serious servicing. And gas that sits in the tank will go bad. By following these simple steps, I have been able to keep our Honda generator performing as expected, even in cold weather.

1. Start your engines…

Regularly run your portable generator to prevent gas from settling, going stale, and keep fuel moving through the lines. The longer you wait, the more times you will notice it takes pulling the starter cord to get and keep it running. Once started, let the generator run about 10 minutes to move enough fuel through the lines.

fuel stabilizer

2. Add Stabil Fuel Stabilizer to the tank.

With each fresh tank of gas, add some Sta-bil Storage Fuel Stabilizer.

Sta-bil Storage keeps fuel fresh for up to 24 months. It eliminates need to drain old gas prior to engine storage, or prolonged periods of non-use. Use Sta-bil to ensure quick, easy starts every time. The product is effective in all gasoline engines, including 2-cycle motors.

stabil directions

3. Clean the air filter.

Remove the side panel of the Honda 200 series generator to access the engine compartment. Loosen the retainer nut and remove the air filter. Blow out the filter to remove accumulated dust and debris. Our lightweight Kobalt 12v portable inflator works great for this – and filling the truck tires!

4. Check the oil, often.

Remove the dipstick, and wipe it clean. Reinsert in into the reservoir and remove it to inspect the oil level. Look for debris in the oil, and top off with 10w-40 motor oil if necessary. Honda suggests an oil change is required after the first 20 hours of use, and every six months thereafter. Of course, this would depend on how many hours you run your generator each month. I’ve only changed ours a couple times over the past dozen plus years.

For easiest results, place the portable generator on your truck tailgate. Have someone help you by placing a large container under the oil spout, as you tip the generator forward. Drain thoroughly and refill with fresh oil.

By using Sta-bil Storage Fuel Stabilizer, I have never spent more than a few minutes getting our handy Honda 2000i started. But then, I’m also a firm believer that it being a Honda portable generator has a lot to do with that!

4 thoughts on “Most Important Honda Generator Maintenance Tip”

  1. Leaving the fuel tank nearly empty can cause moisture from the air in the empty space to condense into liquid water. If you then fill it up with E10 Or E15 gas (you shouldn’t), you’ll end up running the engine on a homologous mix of gasoline, ethanol, and water. Not good. The way to store your generator is with the tank completely full of stabilized, ethanol-free gasoline. I always use ethanol-free gas in my small engines. It’s about a 30-cent per gallon premium in my area. I actually like to store my generator with a full tank of 100 octane aviation gas. It’s the best gasoline you can get, never any ethanol, & it comes with all the stabilizer it needs to stay fresh for a year already in it. Starts fast even in cold weather.

  2. Nice and useful article as usual. I try to start my Honda 2000i every month when possible. Also I put a 1500 watt load on the generator while running it for 10 minutes.To do this i bought an electric heater from Goodwill for $3. I don’t use a fuel stabilizer but keep just enough fuel in the tank to run the generator until empty (10 minutes). I’ve had my generator for 11 years.


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