Wind, The Worst RVing Weather

As I sat pondering what pictures I might pick for this Friday photos post, the wind kicked up here at FOY. Then it started blowing hard. I hate wind. Of all the worst RVing weather, wind is my least favorite. So, I thought…how about some random wind photos from our many RV lifestyle photo galleries. Surely there were plenty to pick from – I distinctly remember a few rather windy days. 

death valley rearview mirror
Fifth wheel steady in Death Valley winds.

Driving an RV in the wind is the worst, unless you count wind and rain, or wind and snow.

wind and snow
Worst RVing Weather. Ever.

But I have always hated the wind, even when sitting and working away. Wind steals your Chi. And there is nothing you can do about it.

windy palms
Windy Palms at the Fountain of Youth

After a few good gusts, Rene got worried about the big 84cm sail on our roof. Watching the palm trees whipping in the wind, I decided to stow the RVDataSat 840 satellite internet dish. Luckily our Verizon service was still providing decent bandwidth – at least until all the Canadians get done with their various activities and start Skyping their kids and streaming Netflix. But I digress, yet again…

gulls in wind
Gulls riding the wind at Fort Pierce farmers market.

In searching for wind photos, instead I find all sorts of windows…like these from our Earthship Institute tour video.

earthship institute
New Mexico Earthship Institute

And lots of stained glass windows too, from the St. Augustine to West Point.

West Point Chapel
West Point Chapel Windows

Of course, I found many winding roads…

wind river road
Winding Road Through Wind River Valley

And pictures taken out the window…

wyatt ray dawg
On the Road with Wyatt Ray

From the road, and from some favorite boondocking spots – Like John Day Dam.

john day dam
Free boondocking at John Day Dam

And as you can see, wind turbines are a commons subject among all our miscellaneous photos.

wind farm
Unknown Wind Farm

As are windmills of all sizes, and ages – like this old Aeromotor across from Luckenbach, Texas

Luckenbach Windmill
Luckenbach Windmill

Ha! Now I discover, I’ve already posted a photo essay about this very subject! Almost exactly one year ago today, I must have had the same idea when I asked, what is the worst RVing weather?

Windy Point
Uncompahgre Peak from Windy Point, Colorado

Clearly… 1. It gets windy in these parts this time of year, and 2. I need some ideas for next Friday’s fun photo post. Give me a subject, and I bet I can find another selection of random photos from our RVing photo galleries.

6 thoughts on “Wind, The Worst RVing Weather”

  1. Jim I am right there with ya. I had chronic earaches as a small kid and we went to the ocean alot (think Pacific coast cold and foggy) which made them worse. What were my parents thinking?! Not only does the wind steal our chi but as an adult it steals what little breath I have left right out of my lungs. Thanks for reminding me to bring some N-95’s with me when we come to visit!

    I love Laura’s suggestion for your next post so I’ll second that 🙂

  2. Hey Jim (and Rene),

    I have been following you for a while, never commented. I am a fellow full timer and wish I was in the southwest right now…. so I am jealous. I digress. You asked for suggestions for another post. I have one. I smiled when you mentioned how the “wind steals your chi” in this post. I could not agree more. Given you have lots of wind experience, and somehow you get your chi back so it can be stolen again, maybe you can post about how you get your chi back? Refueling our energy is such an interesting and diverse process so I would love to hear what brings back your energy while on the road/living in an RV. My chi has been stolen by my in-laws who we just moved for the second time this year. Any thoughts or ideas might be just what some of us could use.

    Have a great day, and thank you to you and Rene for your blog. I appreciate not only the content but your effort to keep it going.

    • Thanks for reading, commenting, and the great idea!

      That is a great one, which will require more thought than a random selection of fun photos. 🙂

      Please stay tuned…


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