The Worst RVing Weather

From all types of weather, my least favorite is the wind.

windy palm trees
Windy day at the Fountain of Youth, 2019

As I sit here hacking toxic Salton Sea dust kicked up by high winds, all I can say is: At least it isn’t Basin And Range!

basin and range
Bitter cold wind while boondocking at Basin and Range, 2015

That was the worst cold and wind we have ever endured in the rig. And it is the standard we refer to whenever it gets windy, wherever we are.

Desert Dust Storm
Anza Borrego Desert Dust Storm, 2013

Another time, we were chased away from Anza Borrego by winds that made me think this must be what an Afghanistan sand storm feels like.

Tornado Weather
Lafayette, Louisiana Tornado Weather, 2008

My dislike of the wind may stem from my childhood when I was terrified by the Wizard of Oz, thinking that a tornado could take me far away from my family and the safety of my home.

Weld County Missile Silo
Waiting out tornado warning in Weld County missile silo.

Thankfully we have safely survived the few tornado warnings we have experienced either in our trailer or while driving.

What is the worst weather when RVing?

Wind isn’t always cold or wet, but it is incessant. Appearing without warning and constantly changing, wind messes with your Chi. And there is nothing you can do about it. When it’s cold, you can bundle up. If it’s wet, you can dry off. But there is no escaping the wind in an RV, and you definitely don’t want to haul your trailer when it’s windy!

Nebraska Wall Cloud
Nebraska Highway Tornado Warning, 2015

The only winds that brought back a fond memory while searching our many photo galleries for this post were these boat drinks at the Trade Winds bar in St. Augustine, Florida our first year on the road.

Trade Winds Bar
Trade Winds Bar, St. Augustine, FL, 2007

What’s your least favorite type of traveling weather?

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  1. Wind is definitely the worst. They’re bad enough when you’re in a more developed area, but we’ve been in several dust storms in desert areas where freeways were shut down. It felt like we were on a tiny boat in the middle of the seas, plus hacking up dust for days. Blech.


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