Random Photos from Vegas to California

Time flies when your making a run for it back to your favorite winter destinations. And for us, that means the photos add up. While we sort out the pics and posts we plan to write from out trip to SEMA this year, enjoy these recent random photos from our full-time travel photo galleries.

Lost Vegas
Tim Burton’s Lost Vegas

Did you see all the photos and videos we posted from Tim Burton’s Lost Vegas exhibit we experienced?

Neon Museon
Las Vegas Neon Museum

That installation, along with the Brilliant presentation at the Las Vegas Neon Museum, was the highlight of our visit this year.

Neon Museum
Jerry still follows us.

Anyone who knows about Tripawds – or has read our book Be More Dog – knows why this one made it into the Fun and Funky Signs gallery.

Sin City
Sunrise Over Sin City

On our last morning in Sin City, I went for one final run around hustle and bustle while most were still asleep. 

Hawthorne Nevada
Make Art, Not War – Hawthorne, Nevada

On our way to Southern California after leaving Las Vegas, we stopped for lunch at a park in Hawthorne, Nevada – home to the U.S. Army’s largest ammunition storage depot.

North Ranch
North Ranch – Congress, Arizona

It felt good to get away from all the concrete and get running out in the desert again when we stopped ath the North Ranch Escapees Park in Congress, Arizona.

Chocolate Mountains
Rocky Road, Chocolate Mountains, Mmmmm….

And now we’re back at FOY…enjoying my love/hate relationship with these rocky roads and desert trails.

Rocky Running Shoes

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  1. I’m jealous! I wish I could be soaking at FOY. We are both having a bad health year. We hope to be free to travel in the spring.
    The new granddaughter helps ease the pain if not traveling.😁


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