How to Replace Dodge Ram Driver Seat Cushion

Nursing a hip injury while getting back into training after our first marathon, I found it painful to sit for long periods. That’s a rather big bummer for full-time RVers logging lots of miles like us. When our mechanic friend turned us on to Geno’s Garage, I was excited to discover they had high quality replacement seat cushions with excellent reviews at an affordable price—at least much more affordable than replacing the whole seat. I was even more excited to learn how easy the job would be.

Dodge Ram Driver Seat

Check out these simple steps I took, or watch the how to video for replacing the seat cushion below. The first step was to remove the seat recline handle and control button cover using a Phillips screwdriver. That and a large flat screwdriver were the only tools I used.

Replace Dodge Ram Driver Seat Cushion Without Removing Seat

Contrary to most of the tips I read, it is not necessary to remove the driver’s seat to replace the bottom cushion. Prepared to wrestle with, or rip, the seat cushion cover, I was surprised at how easily it came off. It was only slightly more difficult yo put back on.

Dodge Seat Cover Removal

The “m” shaped clips holding the sides of the cover to the rails underneath the seat came off the outer side with ease. I was also able to reach under and release the front clip by hand.

Remove Dodge Ram Seat Cover

For the opposite side, I inserted a large flathead screwdriver into the exposed groove and pushed the clip off its rail.

Old Ram Seat Cushion

Pulling back the bottom of the seat cover revealed my seat was not in as bad of shape as others I’ve seen in some of the videos out there. The bolster on the driver side does tend to crush over time with all the entering and exiting of the vehicle it endures.

Remove Driver Seat Cushion

The damage to mine can be seen in the torn seat cover, and once removed I noticed it had clearly been flattened over our past 12+ years on the road. That is what I was starting to feel on longer drives.

Seat Cushion Comparison

I read reviews about Geno’s cushions being thicker, firmer, and made with higher quality foam than the OEM replacement parts, and those reviewers did not lie.

Replace Dodge Seat Cushion

The underside of the seat cushion has some large foam “teeth” that fit in between the springs holding the seat bottom support frame.

Fitting Dodge Ram Seat Cushion

The detailed installation instructions included with the cushion did not mention this, but it was obvious the knockouts for the electric seat controls needed to be removed.

Replacing Driver Seat Cushion

Once removed, I fit the front of the cushion over the seat with ease.

Driver Seat Cushion Fitting

Tucking the foam in between the springs is the only part that took some force and finagling.

New Dodge Driver Seat Cushion

With the foam being thicker that the old seat cushion, I figured it would be a tight fit to get the seat cover back on. Pressing on the cushion made pulling the cover over it easier than expected.

Replace Seat Cushion Cover

The screwdriver came in handy for attaching the side clips back into place. Applying pressure to the seat created enough slack in the fabric to easily secure the cover.

Fitting Seat Cushion Cover

The front clip was only tricky because I didn’t pay attention to how it came off. That clip must be folded back upon itself to grasp the piece where it connects.

New Dodge Ram Driver Seat

Replace the seat control cover and recline handle, and you are ready to enjoy the ride once again.

Replace Driver Seat Cover

Don’t forget to replace the clip at the back of the seat cover like I almost did!

How To Video: Replace Dodge Ram Seat Cushion

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11 thoughts on “How to Replace Dodge Ram Driver Seat Cushion”

  1. My new to me Ram 1500 has a saggy seat (a heavy guy must have been the previous owner). After viewing your video, I think I can do it myself! If I can rewire my BMW brake light switch, contorting myself under the dash, this seems like a piece of cake! Thanks for giving this girl the impetus to DIY!

  2. Great informative video .I had same problem with my Dodge front drivers seat . Took it in to upholstery shop paid $400 to fix , about 4 years ago now it’s all damaged again even worse . Probably material quality. I was about to see what a new seat cost and happen to come across your video and how you didn’t have to remove entire seat . This made my day knowing it’s a FIY job. Great job

  3. Nice job. This would have been a perfect project for our 10 year old Ranger, (RIP) had it survived. LOL
    You drives should be much more comfortable. I hope you replaced Rene’s seat as well. Happy Co-pilot = Happy Driver.

  4. I know you are a Dodge guy, but John just bought a 2017 F250 in preparation for our retirement and pulling a 5th wheel toy-hauler…..maybe we can join you someday, somewhere



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