Our First Colorado Marathon Results

For the record, it was all her idea. When Rene first suggested we run a full marathon, we had both already 13+ miles in training what was to be our first half marathon. I said: “See, now we don’t have to run the race.” She promptly came home and signed us up for the Colorado Marathon, the full 26.2 miles. She has clearly been more excited about this whole thing from the beginning.

Colorado Marathon Expo

For the record, it was at least 26.37 miles. I have proof, thanks to the Nike Run Club app. The app came in handy during our training over the past too many months.

nike run club app

I am glad I had it on the run to tell me my time and pace, but honestly I may just forego all the preposterous gadgetry next time and just run.

colorado marathon

Did I say next time? Rene is the one already talking about “our” next marathon. I told her I don’t want to hear about it for at least a few weeks. This was painful. Not so much during the run, but right after getting my medal I had to lie down immediately and nearly passed out, thanks to my low blood pressure.

colorado marathon starting line

I debated for the longest time about whether or not I would take my phone on the run and listen to music. As we boarded the bus at the godforsaken hour of four something, I swore I forgot my phone. Rene insisted we go back home to get it. I knew that would make us miss the last bus. I never would have heard the end of that! Then I found my phone in my pocket after going through my bag once seated on the bus, but it was a sign I should have left it behind.

colorado marathon lineup

Yeah, I was that guy after all. With a couple miles to go, one of my brand new wireless earbuds fell out. Squatting to pick it up was the most painful part of the race. Not like the free beer ticket I stooped to pick up at about mile three.

colorado marathon route

At least I didn’t have my phone out the whole time taking pictures.

colorado marathon selfie

As much as I’ll never forget the beautiful scenery, I am glad Rene snapped a couple pics along the way.

And then, yeah, that was me – the stupid looking guy running toward the finish line with his phone pointed forward. Hell, I had it out to turn off the NRC app as soon as I finished, so I figured I would document the event for posterity. That’s likely when I lost one of the ear buds I stuffed in my Running Buddy pouch.

colorado marathon finish line

At that point, I was so focused on finishing that I didn’t realize the cheers I was hearing were from our friends Mike and Marie who Rene talked into doing the 10K race. The look on the girls beside them proves my theory: the one is clearly saying, “Is that guy really filming his finish?” The other probably replied, “It must be his first marathon.”

colorado marathon finish line

Yes, it was. And may be the last. For the record, this is probably the most pain I’ve ever put myself through. It is also one of my biggest personal accomplishments. You see, I don’t actually like to run. But I do enjoy having run. I was always the slow kid who went out for sports to try and get in shape, while everyone else on the team would get in shape to go out for sports. But apparently, Rene says, I am now part of only three percent of the population who has ever completed a marathon. Yay.

So, how did we do? For starters, I started out way too fast. The Colorado Marathon is mostly downhill, especially the first fifteen miles or so that course down the Poudre canyon. During the first few miles the NRC app was clocking me at a rather impressive pace, for me at least. I kept telling myself I had to slow down, that I’d regret it later.

colorado marathon results

I did. My half marathon time was a new personal best – for me at least – at 2:03:03. After that, every mile I ran was slower than the previous, except for a couple where I picked up the pace. But overall, I ranged from a 9:01 pace at mile two, to clocking 12:42 for mile 26. Maybe that last mile would have been a bit quicker, if I left my phone in my pouch. And maybe I’d still have both my earbuds.

colorado marathon results

I never saw myself doing anything like this, but I am especially proud of Rene. She finished faster that her goal of five hours. And we both completed the race without serious injury. I almost beat the Oprah Time many novice marathoners strive to beat.

My chip time differed from the time my app reported by nearly two minutes, likely because I had to visit a tree along the way. Note to self, don’t drink that cup of coffee before a marathon, even if it is 5:00 a.m. in the morning. There is plenty of caffeine in Gu gels and my new favorite: Honey Stinger energy chews.

colorado marathon runners

Was it worth it? Sure. Seven plus months of training with four months of sobriety, all for a medal and a one minute movie.

Will I do it again? Talk to me once I can do a squat again, or climb into the truck without whining.

beginner marathon bookRecommendation for First Time Marathoners

Of all the articles, podcasts, and videos we reviewed in preparing for our first marathon, there is one book I highly recommend to anyone considering the 26.2 mile run for the first time.

How to Lose A Marathon by Simpsons writer Joel Cohen is an inspiring, hilarious quick read filled with tips for anyone running their first marathon. I figured, if he could do it, I sure can. And if I can do it, anyone can.

7 thoughts on “Our First Colorado Marathon Results”

  1. Oh my GOODNESS!! Jim, you had me laughing out loud!!
    Seriously though, that is an amazing accomplishment, so proud and happy for the both of you. I couldn’t even run a block, let alone a marathon.
    Way to go guys!

  2. Nice Job you guys
    Jim, looked like he was in pain on the video, just before crossing the finish line, Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result………. wouldn’t that be like running another marathon and not expecting to be in pain. lol

    Seriously, once the aches and pain go away, you’ll probably be cruising training runs again. But, no shame in having accomplished one marathon and sticking with the “been there done that” mentality.


    • Thanks Larry. Pain is relative. I wasn’t actually hurting until I stopped running. The next few days were the worst. My body may have been showing its weariness, but I was laughing out loud as I crossed the finish line, and at many times along the course when I started to question how I was feeling. It is the laughter that helped me get through this run, and will again I’m sure as Rene is already talking about the next one. Today was the first day we hit the trail again…slowly but surely!

  3. Congratulations both of you on something that I will NEVER do. You have more in you than most of the population. I am very very proud of both of you. I know you heard the thunder of those Angels at the Bridge running with you.


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