More Overlander Rig Porn from RMOR 2019

As promised in my recent collection of cool overlander vehicles from the he 2019 Rocky Mountain Overland Rally, here is part two of our overland and expedition rig porn…

Overlander Truck Tent

Truck tent toppers and pop-top campers are all the rage with the overlander community, coming in all shapes and sizes to fit any truck.

Truck Tent Overlander

Where were these during our car camping days!? They sure look more comfortable than sleeping in the bed of our old Ford Ranger, but that was long ago during one of our previous lives.

Overland Truck Tent Camper

It would be pretty difficult to get Wyatt up some of the steps into these tents, that is for sure.

Overland Africa Jeep

Too bad we didn’t get a chance to talk to Dan about his Jeep that Conquered Africa! I’m sure he has some tales to tell.

Toyota Tent Camper

I did like the various FJs I saw outfitted for expeditions, but I told you, I’m Dodge man. 

AT Truck Tent Camper

Rene stole my photo of the 50TEN box built out by Goose Gear, but it really caught my eye so it’s worth mentioning again.

Goose Gear 50TEN Truck

The 50TEN would fit on our Dodge Ram 2500, and these guys did a sweet job with the modification. Not that we ever would, but we could…

Tent Trailer

Tent trailers were also popular at the show, but this is enough photos for now.

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