Free Boondocking from California to Texas

In my last Friday Photos post, I shared lots of street photos from our Los Algodones Dentist visit and promised pics from some of the sweet boondocking spots we found along our way while driving from Southern California to the Texas Hill Country in just a few days. Consider that promise kept…

Mexican Border Boondocking
Quechan Casino Camping near Los Algodones, Mexico

First stop was Quechan Casino. And yeah, I know, they charge ya ten bucks. We noticed the free spot just down the road the next morning on our way to Mexico.

Arizona Free Boondocking
Casa Grande, Arizona Free Boondocking

That evening we found the Peart Road trailhead just outside Casa Grande, Arizona. We may have stayed longer if it wasn’t for the price we paid for free camping at that location, or if we weren’t in such a hurry to get to Texas. 

Casa Grande Free Boondocking
Peart Road Trailhead Boondocking Casa Grande, AZ

The site was way sloped, and right next to the highway, with a rather roundabout approach from the West, but had access to miles of sweet looking trails.

New Mexico Free Boondocking
Free Boondocking at Old Quarry, Gage NM

Our next stop was my favorite from this four day, four-state run. That is, except for the wind! But that is New Mexico for you. This old quarry pit was less than a half mile from pavement on a well graded road. We had lots of space, all to ourselves, with enough ranch roads to get a 15+ mile run in the next morning.

HWY 10 Boondocking
Free Boondocking at Abandoned Chevron, Kent TX

The next stop at an an abandoned gas station next to the freeway in Kent, Texas will always remain memorable, but I like creepy spots like this and that Kreepy 2-Guns KOA

fee texas boondocking
No Nuclear Waste Aqui!

Spending the night in spots like this remind me of how grateful I am for living this lifestyle we love, because we choose to, and not because we have to.

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So…where do we find all these free boondocking spots?

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UPDATE: The Frugal Shunpiker’s Guides are no longer available.

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  1. Jim,
    There is an old adage……………. The wind in New Mexico doesn’t blow…………Texas sucks.
    Sorry Texas, nothing personal, just an adage.
    Of course, for some reason we rarely have a tailwind, regardless of which direction we drive.
    Why is that. LOL


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