About That Dryuary…

Since we’re getting personal here, this is a quick follow-up to Rene’s Dryuary post – where she asked if I agreed with her analysis of our 31 dry days. There is one little thing she neglected to mention, over the following few days, this happened…

not so dry february

Between our celebratory binge and annual Super Bowl commercial party, we’re off to a not so dry start of February.

dryuary challenge

While I didn’t have quite as hard a time saying no for 31 days during the Dryuary Challenge as Rene made it sound, I certainly did enjoy the return of our refreshing tasty beverages on Friday night. One thing I do wholeheartedly agree with, however, is the assessment of how the dry days affected our health. Especially when it comes to the crazy marathon training Rene has gotten us into.

NRC App Run

Saturday morning I logged another 14 mile run, woo hoo! We have a long way to go before whooping it up about 26.2 though. And while I felt pretty good the rest of the day, I cannot deny that those miles are a lot easier, and quicker, without sweating Svedka.

They say writing down a goal makes you more likely to fulfill said goal. I don’t know who they are, but this is for them: I for one will be practicing better moderation while training for this marathon, and beyond. Good thing there’s an app for that, two actually. I’ll continue to log my intake with the Dry Days app (for iOS and Android). To log my output, I’ll keep using the Nike Run Club app.

Chocolate Mounatins Run

Did I mention Rene decided to have us run our first marathon at altitude? Yeah, all this training at sea level (and below) is great. I like our desert runs, but come May, we’ll be heading back up to the Rocky mountains for those final miles. One of the biggest challenges I fear we’ll face, will be getting in decent training runs of any suitable distance, while traveling once we hit the road – or while continuing to work all day.

I just don’t see three to four hour runs happening that often! Stay tuned for progress reports from the road, and the trail…anybody care to join us in Fort Collins for the Colorado Marathon? I asked Xscapers that question on the Faceborg, and only heard crickets.

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