Favorite Artwork from Years of RVing

There is not much space in an RV for art, so we have been very selective over the years about what adorns are walls. Here are a few favorites we have collected in our travels. As you can see, as frugal RVers, our collection has more sentimental value than monetary worth!

Beware Aligators
Beware of Aligators!

This placard was one of the first pieces we picked up, early in our travels, while visiting Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp, way back in 2007, when we made that embarrassingly silly crocodile movie.

Fallout Shelter Decal
Authentic Fallout Shelter Decal

In the summer of 2009, we had the opportunity to tour the Weld County Missile Site, where we waited out a tornado warning inside the Atlas-E missle silo. That is where our personal tour guide and campground host gave us this authentic screenprinted fallout shelter decal.

Mutts Now Strip
Mutts Now! Strip signed by Patrick McDonnell

This copy of a Mutts strip we own hangs over our door and has extra special meaning. I described it during one of our segments in Why We Love Cats and Dogs which details our travels with Jerry. We received the signed original after we met Mutts Creator Patrick McDonnell at a Denver, Colorado book signing in October,  2009.

Charon Henning Tattoo Art
Charon Henning Tattoo Art

Our Odd Angel tattoo sessions and sword swallowing show in the Anza Borrego desert still rank up there as some of our most remarkable nomadic memories. That’s where we picked up one of Charon’s limited edition flash art prints brilliantly depicting life on the level, in a cosmic sorta way.

Favorite Art
Favorite Art in our RV

What do we have here? Two different friends have photographed our two favorite dogs. Jerry is the reason we live the way we do, and Wyatt Ray is the current Tripawds spokesdawg. The tin cross is handcrafted by the Magical Mr. Medina. And we picked up the Yukon wolf spirit print while boondocking at the Whitehorse Walmart – when you still could. It reminds us of Wyatt, and our long strange RV trip to Alaska.

Oh, and that wire is not always there – only when we use our weBoost to improve cell service in locations with poor cellular coverage.

Roy Egg
The Roy Egg Shop in West Pawlet, VT

One Regret

There have been many mementos and amazing artifacts we wish we could have collected over the years. But as I say, we’ve been very selective due to limited space. To this day, however, I still wish we would have bought one of Roy Egg’s painted chicken heads from his funky little art gallery in that small Vermont town. If we ever get up that way again, we’ll just have to see if The Roy Egg Shop is still around. If so, I’m sure those chicken heads are worth more than $20 by now! Next time we find something small we enjoy, maybe we won’t be so damn cheap! 😕

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