How to see all our most recent photos.

I am well aware this site is long overdue for a WordPress theme overhaul like we did for Tripawds last year. But oftentimes I will make a little tweak here or there and wonder if anybody actually noticed.

Kamasurta Mural Tank Art at Slab CityMore often than that, however, I wonder if readers ever see all the photos we upload to our Gallery page – especially when I dump our camera after visiting places like East Jesus.

Sometimes we just have way more than six pictures to share in one or more of our various galleries, requiring viewers to click through the paginated photos. The NextGen Gallery plugin we use makes this easy and all Ajaxy without reloading the page, but do people do it?

Take for instance, our Funky Art Scenes gallery now with more than 95 pictures of creative stuff we’ve stumbled upon since hitting the road. (Click the small arrows or page numbers to view older pics.)

Funky Art Scenes

Artistic creations of our own and from around the Country.

New Recent Photos Page

For those of you who would rather just see all our most recent photos at a glance, I just created this new 100 Recent Photos page. You can now find a link in the sidebar at right. Check back often to see what we’ve seen lately and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

East Jesus Art Camp Slab City

Rather mix it up a bit? Check out the 100 Random Photos page!

How To Show Recent NextGen Gallery Photos

Thanks to the built-in functionality of NextGen, I use this simple script to display our most recent images by hard-coding it into a new page template.

if (function_exists(nggDisplayRecentImages))
{ nggDisplayRecentImages($number = '100', $width = '100', $height = '75', $exclude = 'all', $list = '', $show = 'thumbnail'); }

Simply replace the $number attribute with the number of photo thumbnails you want to show. To display random instead of recent images, just change both references of the function to (nggDisplayRandomImages).  Of course, the NextGen Gallery plugin must be activated for this to work.

What do you use for managing photos on your blog?

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    Enrico strikes with an eastern vigor but from South (South of Los Angeles that is)


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