Home Again, Home Again.

“Home” … it has a weird sound to it.

Snowbirds Return to Colorado Spring Snow at Jerry's AcresAfter nearly three years on the road, it’s strange settling back in here at Jerry’s Acres knowing that we’ll be here until it’s time to head south again next winter. We were only here a couple months before hitting the road again last season, and having returned I suppose we are officially Snowbirds now, or Snabbers rather.

Though I thought Snowbirds were supposed to travel away from the snow! It was snowing when we left last October, and as I look out the window now it seems we are living in a snow globe, and someone is shaking it really hard. Just a couple weeks ago we were sweating it out down in Texas – running the A/C all day, thinking it was time to head “home” … now we wondering when we might be able to stop wearing multiple layers!

Colorado Spring Snow remains at Jerry's AcresThe good news is, I must have done something right with my directions for how to winterize a mountain home.

After doing our best not to fear the worst for the past few months, we returned to a clean house, perfectly intact, where everything came back online without any problems. No broken windows, no burst pipes, no critters trapped inside, no worries. We were even prepared to spend a few nights in the RV, having no idea what to expect upon our return. But considering this crazy weather, I’m certainly glad to be inside, next to the fire.

Bonus: My motorcycle even fired right up after sitting stored over the winter. Before we left, I had added some Stabil to the gas tank and turned off the fuel line, letting it run dry. I disconnected the battery, wrapped the bike in moving blankets and forgot about it. Then, a couple months ago I got to wondering, “Can the water in batteries freeze?” Well, apparently not, at least not this time.

Cow Moose Outside Our Kitchen Window

Best of all, we had a welcoming party greet us upon our return. The day after we got back, René spotted a moose walking down the road past our house. The next day, we saw two moose cows and a calf – the same one we saw last year I believe – crossing our property while out for a walk. And earlier today we had a nice little training session with Wyatt learning not to bark at deer right outside the window.

It’s good to be “home” … but don’t worry, we have lots of stories to catch up on from our not so recent adventures. And before we know it the time will come to head back out on the open road in our home sweet home on wheels!

16 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again.”

  1. Also, use a battery tender next winter… you got lucky, batteries do freeze and without a maintenance changer on them, they loose capacity whether they freeze or not. Enjoy your “settled life” for a while! 😉

  2. Battery tender Jr. is awesome. I hard wire a marine Cig Lighter (aka 12v power plug) into all my bikes. Then I just plug in the Jr. via the Cig Lighter plug and its all good.

    • Thanks for the heads up Henry! René apparently missed that one. It is simply amazing how many people Jerry’s tale has touched.

  3. Hey and good afternoon! I just found this blog….WELCOME BACK TO COLORADO! Woohoo-lol. how are you both doing as well as mr. Wyatt? Awesome dog ya got there (if I ever meet him,hope I never make him mad-yikes!) Most German Shapards don’t seem to like me (mainly when I was younger).
    On a serious note, the weather peeps are forecasting SEVERE weather for colorado today-hail and tornadoes, oh my. the weather channel Vortex 2 team is here in Co. Springs right now! Maybe I can go chasing with them later on (one of my hobbies-big weather nut here). Please keep tuned to your weather radio and TV and stay safe!


    • Thanks for the comment April. We’re safe from tornadoes up hear at 8500′ but are keeping eyes on the skies for another dumping of snow!

      • Jim, Jim Jim! I live in the foothills of cos. I have seen several weak tornadoes form in the mountains (Woodland Park, 11 mile reservoir-videos are on Youtube) and a few have come over the front range directly for my area. Woodland Park is 8437 feet above sea level and they had SEVERAL TOUCHDOWNS and damage last year!!!!
        DIA just got alot of hail and several touch downs-Fox 31 news KDVR has pics and live footage! Cool site!

  4. Glad you guys are enjoying being home. We can’t wait to be back home after a few months at our old home. It’s been very hot and humid here!

  5. I’ve run a tender for 6 months at a time with no problems… my old Jeep in Florida is still on one now and will be until we wander back there. 😉 Just make sure the battery isn’t sitting on concrete and it should be fine. I just leave them in the vehicle most of the time and hook up the tender with pigtails or alligator clips.

  6. Glad to see you guys made it and the house is intact. Just a quick note on the motorcycle winterizing… Use “Sea Foam” instead of Stabil. It’ll clean out the fuel system a bit as well as winterizing it. It’s great stuff.
    Also, use a battery tender next winter… you got lucky, batteries do freeze and without a maintenance changer on them, they loose capacity whether they freeze or not. Enjoy your “settled life” for a while! 😉

    • Thanks for the tips! I do have a tender but did not like the idea of leaving the battery plugged in and charging for months unattended. Something to consider though.


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