Time to Head South for Sure

Snow atop Jerry's Acres SignBonus! Two video posts in a row… At least this one is ours.

But since René mentioned the weather here at Jerry’s Acres and our impending need to head south for the winter – not just once, but twice – I figured I would let everyone see for themselves how beautiful it is here, how much fun we’re having, and just how cold it really is getting…

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of living in a Georgia O’Keefe painting as much as any good ol’ country boy. And it is nice and comfy in our new home. But did I mention it is only October!

Time to head South for the WinterWe do love it here, but the road beckons. It would mean one thing if we were settling down here for good. That time will come. But we’ve got our winter home sitting out front, with a lot of miles yet to put under its new tires. And that means we need to get those tires rolling before they are totally covered in snow.

6 thoughts on “Time to Head South for Sure”

  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog and we are heading out in our RV next Thursday. Although I am not new to RVing, I am technically challenged with regards to computers – having dial up at home, I am looking forward to reading your posts about satellites and I phones and i pods to see what I might need to stay connected and still post to my own blog. Thanks so much.

  2. Great video, you guys! Love the new homestead sign. Wyatt looks like he has acclimated to the snow just fine, and he’s getting around so well!

    So, when’s the official take-off date? You are going to miss a lovely Colorado winter…are you sure we can’t convince you to stay?

  3. I second that! Colorado is wicked cold already, though we’ve lost our snow as of today and it’s actually toasting up this afternoon.

    The question is though, head for the border or the coast?


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