Mission Accomplished: Our Dream Mountain Property

21 Hopewell Crystal Lakes Red Feather, COA few weeks ago we jumped the gun. In our excitement to actually commit to something tangible again, we told you about a fixer-upper house we were in escrow on.

I’d like to apologize for our premature announcement. We didn’t get the house.

Instead, we pulled out of that nightmare-waiting-to-happen, but only until our offer for a better property was accepted.

We haven’t wanted to say anything, fearing that we might jinx the deal. But now it’s safe to spill it, since we are closing escrow Monday at 11 am.

What Really Happened

We are now the proud owners of a 3 bedroom 2 bath mountain home, on 4.98 acres in Red Feather Lakes, about 50 miles northwest of Fort Collins.

Crystal Lakes Dream Colorado Mountain Home

A few weeks ago we learned that our fixer-upper had a very questionable foundation lying underneath it. Cosmetic repairs are one thing, but buying a house with bad foundation can be a horrible mistake. The heartbreaking news brought back bad memories of our previous money pit, of which we had to put a $23,000 foundation underneath. I cried as we debated whether or not to move forward on the deal.

That’s when we received a beautiful statue of St. Francis, from our friend Heather.

Crystal Lakes Dream Colorado Mountain Home

St. Francis was sent in honor of the 9 month anniversary of our Jerry’s departure, which happened on the Feast of St. Francis. Heather sent this to us on Jerry’s behalf, with an encouraging message essentially telling us to hang on to our dream. She had no we were already in escrow for the fixer-upper. โ€œIt’s out there,โ€ she said, don’t give up.

Days later, as we were just about to give up on our search here, we saw the listing for something that sounded too good to be true.

Why We Bought It

Priced way below market value, the sellers are divorcing and just wanted to dump their weekend getaway. As soon as we saw it, we knew this was the spot we’ve been looking for.

Dream Mountain Property Acreage ViewIt fits our criteria perfectly. It’s a simple, affordable property that won’t get us into debt. It sits on manageable mountain acreage near a town we love. And it’s almost within 2 hours of a major airport (Denver). The house is 9 years old and has hardly been used. It’s in perfect working order; it even has running water and heat! Other than the ugly kitchen cabinet doors, we love it.

The house lies in a beautiful mountain subdivision with exorbitant HOA fees, but they get us year-round road maintenance, and all the fishing Jim wants on about a dozen private lakes and river frontage. We could live here all year if we wanted to.

Crystal Lakes Dream Colorado Mountain HomeAt 8400′ above sea level, Red Feather Lakes is a cool summer escape and a winter wonderland for Fort Collins residents. There’s a small community nearby with a couple of restaurants, a bar, a convenience store, gas station, and a post office. Many people live here year round, as Fort Collins is an easy drive to make. What more do we need?

It’s as close to perfect as we can get, but there’s just one problem:  Unlike the last place, which had a big flat space for RVs, this house sits on top of a gradual slope. and the driveway isn’t big enough for more than two RVs, at least until we do some grading. But, the good news is that the subdivision runs a nearby private campground with full hookups ($20 a night) for property owners’ guests.

Dream Mountain Property Acreage ViewSo, with many thanks to Jerry and his pal St. Francis, and everyone who encouraged us to hang in there, we can safely say that we have found our dream property at 21 Hopewell Court, Red Feather Lakes Colorado.

43 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: Our Dream Mountain Property”

  1. Hey Rene,

    I just “read” your story about how you came to find the “right” home. I greatly admire you both, ie, your love for Jerry and the extaordinary journey you embarked on with him. Congrats for NO Mortgage-pretty rare these days. As far as the cabinet doors, what about “antiqueing-sp., them? A fresh coat of paint,then a glaze you paint on, then wipe some off. I am seriously considering doing that to my kitchen cabinets. I have a Victorian style home (built in 1989) here in colorado springs that we purchased oct 2006. our pet name for the place-“OUR money pit”-lol I thought it was a “bargain”-ha! Price was not bad but almost everything has been changed or needs to be changed. Former owners only cared about planting weird plants…………………..that DEER just Love! Plus, we have 2 ponds connected by a waterfall-I love it but oh, the maintence and…………………….the DEER LOVE IT TOO!
    Anyways, I am so happy for you three and please give Mr. Wyatt a big hug from me (April). Welcome to Colorado, heaven on earth, I say. Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey April, when you get bored with your project, come on up!

      Thanks for the warm welcome, it’s the good people like you here who make it such a beautiful place. Wyatt says “WOOF!”

      • You are most welcome and thanks for the sincere compliment (I am not used to hearing anything like that *snif) Give Wyatt a big ol’ fashioned belly rub for me!!!
        “When I get bored”?????????? ROTHLMAO! Rene, my sides hurt from laughing, oh God. I haven’t been Bored since the last party I was at, many moons ago over near the Broadmoor. UUGHHHHH me not one of them, no no no. Everyone here in co. springs keeps to themselves, are NOT friendly except for a few peeps on my street. We ain’t rich, we all just make the most of what we have and appreciate it.
        If YOU get bored-hehehehe, I extend a warrrrrm welcome to “come on down” to MY MONEY PIT, I mean quaint Victorian home, complete with a herd of deer, a few bears…….hey, makes for an interesting hot tub experiance at night! music keep em away.
        A quick note I had to sell my car last year (needed the $$$$) so hubby and I share our Suv and he works out at Shriever AFB, a 1 hour commute each way.
        Still laughing….bored-HAHAHAHAHAHA! A friendly voice to talk to would be nice ๐Ÿ™‚ love my hands free ear piece when on the phone.
        Peace and wuv-woof woof ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey,
        took another look at your kitchen-looks like you have all the modern conveniences -gotta luv them white appliances-just like mine, by God! Question, how does your over the stove microwave work? mine has a crack on the door (it’s old), kinda scares me. do all of the upper cabinets have glass doors? I like em-ethed glass? I love decorating, if ya can’t tell ๐Ÿ™‚


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