TruckClaws Get Your Truck Unstuck and May Save Your Life

NOTE: This TruckClaws traction tool review includes a tragic tale of recovery gone wrong and fair warning about putting faith in Youtube influencers when it comes to getting your truck unstuck. Please keep personal safety as your top priority if you ever need to recover your vehicle.

TL;DR TruckClaws traction aid bars are a safe and easy way to get your truck unstuck when bogged down in mud, snow, or ice.

Luckenbach Mud
TruckClaws would have come in handy at Luckenbach!

I can think of a few times over the years when we could have used TruckClaws traction bars to get our truck unstuck. There was that time Rene drove into the drainage ditch on the farm where we were workamping. Or, when the field at Luckenbach flooded while we were boondocking there to catch a show. There are worse places to get stuck, but I digress.

In addition, there were quite a few times while workamping at Vickers Ranch when TruckClaws could have helped us get a truck or jeep or tractor unstuck. That’s why I was excited to give them a try. With our Project M Experience taking shape, we may be getting ourselves in more situations where they might come in handy. That’s not the goal of course, but we do hope to get off the beaten track much more on our way to Alaska this time. Or, off the main roads rather and on to some more beaten up tracks that is.

Stuck Truck
Another time for TruckClaws recovery bars.

So, what exactly are the TruckClaws “Award Winning Traction Aid” and how do they work? Also, how do they compare to other recovery tools to help get your truck unstuck?

Stuck Truck Recovery Tool Options

MaxTrax recovery boards are a pretty common tool many Jeepers and overlanders turn to for peace of mind. And yes, these were an option available for our new Project M. Sure, they look cool mounted to the side of your truck. However, you still need to get them under your tires to be effective. In addition, we included Go Treads in our 2019 Overlander Rally product roundup. These are a similar trax-style tool that fold up for compact storage. Again, the biggest challenge is getting your tires up onto the track to gain traction.

Enter TruckClaws traction bars…

TruckClaws Traction Kit
TruckClaws Stuck Truck Recovery Kit

What Are TruckClaws Traction Aid Bars?

Long ago I learned about a simple method that could be used to help get your truck unstuck if the tires were buried in mud. This entailed strapping a short length of lumber onto the wheel. Thankfully, I’ve never needed to do this. However, I did think it was a rather genius idea. Of course, this would require having the right length of 2×4 on hand. And, you need to tightly secure the board to the tire, by tying it through the wheel openings. Also, one would need to be very confident with their knot tying skills.

Then, while researching recovery aids for our Project M Experience, we discovered TruckClaws. These award winning recovery tire bars are based upon the same concept. However, they are designed to provide much more claw-like traction. And, the claws are much easier to attach than trying to tighten ropes. Just see how easy there are to put on, and how efficiently they work, in this video we made while testing the TruckClaws recovery kit…

We put the TruckClaws recovery kit to the test in a deep sandy gravel spot we found in the southern California desert. With our rear tires buried and spinning, I quickly attached the traction aid bars in a few simple steps:

  1. Place TruckClaws traction aid on tire with arrows facing forward.
  2. Feed strap through ratchet clamp.
  3. Tighten strap to secure bar tightly in place.
  4. Repeat for opposite tire.
TruckClaws Traction Bars
TruckClaws recovery bar attached to stuck tire.

Get Unstuck Quick with TruckClaws

Attaching the TruckClaws was easy with their simple ratchet strap design. The claws quickly grabbed the ground as the wheels turned, giving us the traction necessary to get our truck unstuck. We were out of deep sand and on our way in no time. And, we didn’t need to dig, pile up rocks and sticks, or rock back and forth – burying ourselves even deeper.

Once clear of the obstacle, it was just as easy to remove the TruckClaws. Most importantly, we didn’t require another vehicle to pull us out. For best results, TruckClaws can be attached to all four tires on four wheel drive trucks. Or, two claws can be attached to each of the drive tires to provide even more traction.

TruckClaws Traction
TruckClaws provide the traction needed to get your truck unstuck!

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the many reviews and testimonials from TruckClaws customers. In addition, the company provides many more videos and recovery accessories for trucks of all types and sizes.

In summary, TruckClaws traction aids are a safe and simple device for getting any truck unstuck from mud, ice, sand, or snow. Safe being the important word here…

Typical Recovery Turns to Tragedy

I’ll never forget the time we tried to get the tractor unstuck when Larry buried it deep in mud. I doubt even TruckClaws could have helped in that situation. But what I remember most was ducking when the chain snapped, the first time. You can see that happen in the first video of our Hay Chronicles trilogy.

stuck tractor
Luckily, nobody was hurt. This time.

One thing I would not want to see is the scene of a terrible recovery accident reported by Offroad Safety Academy. I’ll never forget the sound of that chain snapping, so this tragic story rang true when I first read it.

In part I’m using information found on the Woods Family Go-Fund-me page…Jennifer wants others to share this story so they learn how to perform recoveries better and not make similar mistakes.


Unfortunately, a family watched the father die a gruesome death while trying to get their truck unstuck from deep mud. They were out for a fun four-wheeling adventure. And, they followed some recovery techniques they found while following a certain Youtube influencer. As a result, a 10″ drop hitch ended up flying through the front window.

So, play it safe out there folks. Think safety first when it comes to recovery. Personally, we’re going to keep our TruckClaws recovery kit on hand everywhere we go. If anything, we’ll be prepared to help someone else out, without risking their life. And, if necessary, we can take TruckClaws up on their Good Samaritan Replacement guarantee.

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