RVing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow is the theme for this week’s Friday Five. Out for my run this morning I realized I’ve missed a few Friday Fives…at least. Then I watched a rainbow emerge over the hill.

over the rainbow

Over the rainbow was dark skies. On the he other horizon, the sun was rising. Then the rainbow got brighter. And brighter, eventually a second one emerged.

over the rainbow

Can you see it. Photos never do it justice. Not when it is Mother Nature strutting her stuff in the photo. You just gotta be there to appreciated it. But ruminating over the rainbow got me thinking. What rainbows might I find in our 15+ years of full-time RVing galleries? Well, there are t least two now…

rainbow over rig

The first I found was this rainbow over our first rig, back in 2008. We were visiting some friends workamping at an Oregon fish hatchery, punching salmon. Yes, punching salmon, which is quite a coincidence since I had just shared that post the day before when a member of the Workampers Facebook group asked about unique workamping gigs. There are no coincidences.

rainbow hippie bus

And then there was this Rainbow Hippie Bus parked at the Slabs, in 2009. It’s not quite painted like a rainbow, but it came up in my search.

rainbow on gold hill

I knew I’d find plenty of rainbows over Gold Hill. Because we have plenty of memories, pondering over the rainbow which would often appear over the pasture in front out our workamping accommodations there.

scary dark rainbow

But then there was this ominous dark double rainbow in Fort Collins, which still scares me considering that direction is tornado country. But while that’s already more than five fotos over the rainbow, I can’t leave you on such a dark note.

yukon rainbow

The brightest was this shot from our stay in Whitehorse during our 2018 long strange trip to Alaska. The was before that Walmart stopped welcoming RVs.

As it turns out, there are quite a few more. I didn’t even get into all the photos we have from Rainbow’s End! But you’ll have to browse all our galleries to find them, and so much more. Got a suggestion for a theme for the next Friday Five? Leave a comment and maybe I won’t take so long to share another collection of relatively random photos next time!

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