Vickers Ranch Guest Appreciation Dinner Review (Part 1)

It don’t get no better than this.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed dinner with the Vickers and friends atop Gold Hill will get the reference…

Larry Vickers says grace before dinner on Gold Hill

Truth be told, it really doesn’t get any better than enjoying great times and good eats with good friends in a beautiful place. And that’s exactly what you’ll get on Wednesday and Friday nights as a guest at Vickers Ranch.

One of my favorite dinner places sits at approximately 10,300′ about 25 minutes up a steep winding dirt road overlooking Lake San Cristobal, just a couple miles south of Lake City, Colorado. Locals call it Gold Hill, long-time guests at Vickers Ranch know it as the Wednesday Night Steak Fry, or simply The Cookout.

Vickers Ranch Gold Hill Steak Fry

The food can be hit or miss, depending on what you bring to grill and considering the pot luck may include multiple variations of bean dishes or mac and cheese. Your options for greens may be limited to green beans, but one thing is for certain—there will always be plenty of food, and Paulette’s cheesy grits are certain to go fast!

But you don’t go for the food…

Gold Hill Cookout Vickers Ranch Guests and Workampers

It’s all about the people.

Vickers Ranch View from Gold Hill

And the views.

Vickers Ranch Gold Hill Steak Fry

And the experience.

Workampers on Vickers Ranch Gold Hill

For us workampers, it’s a time to relax after a hard day of ranch work and enjoy good food and drink with friends. It’s also a time to rejoice in the splendor that is Gold Hill. I can’t put it any better than it was said during grace one Wednesday this summer…

I’ve been to New York and I’ve seen what man made.

I’ve been to Las Vegas and I’ve seen what the Devil Made.

And I’ve been here, and seen what God made.

Or, as Perk Vickers would say…

You can’t get any closer to heaven than this.

Amen to that.

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  1. I have had the pleasure of living in beautiful Lake City, Colorado. Paulette and Larry Vickers were good friends! I have been to these fabulous outdoor events at Vicker’s Ranch…don’t miss staying at their cabins and Lake City. Absolutely gorgeous there! Charming little town, surrounded by beauty, mountains to climb, lake San Cristobal, and a beautiful stream! 50 miles South of Gunnison. Make it a point!


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