Five Fast Photos from 14+ Years on the Road

D’oh! I almost missed this week’s Friday Five! So here are the first five random pics I just found from our 14+ years of full-time RVing photos.

Laporte, Colorado – May 2021

What’s better than a rose on a piano?

I’ll skip the crude Tulips joke…ironically the first pic that popped up is from that short period when we were not on the road.

Dinosaur National Monument – September 2021

That’s another camper conversion from our Cool Rigs and RVs gallery. I call it a Scooby Van. When complimenting him on his set-up and asking to snap a pic, I explained how we rolled in a fifth wheel and truck. “Yeah, we’re van people,” he said.

Westfir, Oregon – May 2020

Then there was this run along an Oregon logging road, when Camp Covid was our home base during those early days of the pandemic.

Somewhere near great Basin, Nevada – August 2019

No, not a mobile marijuana dispensary – at least I don’t think so. Though that would be a cool concept. Simply a smart outdoor advertising idea! Hopefully that made it into our Cool Campers gallery too!

East Jesus, Slab City – January 2014

And with this broken angel from some trip to East Jesus at the Slabs long ago, we sum up another quick random selection of photos from our full-time RV lifestyle galleries. Stay tuned for more next Friday, and suggest a topic in the comments to see what specific randomness I might come up with next.

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2 thoughts on “Five Fast Photos from 14+ Years on the Road”

  1. Hi I just discovered you. I love that your inspiration is your Doggo Jerry. I have been researching the RV lifestyle and my work can be done anywhere. I just need an internet wifi connection for my tablet and laptop. My work is 95 percent phone.
    So excited to read your book.
    Blessings, love, and MIRACLES

    • Hi Glynda! Thank you so much for the kind words. That’s awesome you are about to hit the road! Let us know how we can help make your dream happen!


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