Got RV Parking in Southern California?

We have now been at Camp COVID longer than our usual winter stay at Fountain of Youth. This beautiful place promises to be our longest stay in fourteen years of full-time RVing. We are blessed beyond belief. Things could be much, much worse.

RV parking in Southern California
Camp COVID is our longest stay in 14 years of full-time RVing

Unfortunately, things are worse for my family in Los Angeles. My 85-year old dad’s health is deteriorating, and he’s in home hospice care. Thanks to my incredible sister, he can be at home with my mom. It’s hard to say how long he has left. COPD is like that. 

WANTED: RV Parking in Southern California 

My sister is doing the heavy lifting on her own of caring for Mom and Dad. You can bet that caregiving during a pandemic is a stressful, complicated mess. And while I don’t enjoy the thought of returning to the nation’s Coronavirus hot spot, I want to see my parents and help ease some of that burden on my #1 sister.

The only problem? Well, there’s two. Problem #1: It’s hotter than hell in Southern California right now. Returning to Fountain of Youth before our November reservation starts is not on the table.

Problem #2: RV parking in Southern California is a nightmare. Sure, it’s cheap and plentiful right now in the desert. I believe it was 114 degrees at Fountain of Youth this week. So I looked into RV parks closer to Los Angeles, where it’s cooler and closer to my family.

searching for affordable Southern California RV parking
My search for affordable Southern California RV parking has turned up nothing.

But I soon learned that Southern California RV parks only allow short-stays of 20 days or less. Which is so asinine during a pandemic, don’t get me started.

And even if we did want to jump from park to park at a time like this (we will not), RV park rents in SoCal are astronomical and out of our budget. As an example: RV storage costs as much as RV park rents in other parts of the country. Any decent RV park in SoCal runs $75 on up–a night.

No RV hookups behind a barn
We aren’t choosey about RV parking in Southern California!

So I’m writing this surprise Monday blog post as an appeal to see if you, dear reader, might know somebody in SoCal with affordable, RV parking. The dates would be from now through November 15.

The spot doesn’t have to be fancy, just safe. It could even be on a ranch behind a barn. All we need is a driveway to park our truck and trailer (42′ long), water, sewer and electric. And of course, we’re willing to pay something for rent, or trade for a caretaking gig or something like that.

If you know someone, please reach out to me. Thanks for thinking about this. Stay healthy and wear a mask, please.

5 thoughts on “Got RV Parking in Southern California?”

  1. I dont know of a site in S CA.
    I’m sorry to hear about your dad. My mom and dad are in a nursing facility in PA that id locked down so no visitors. Dad will go on hospice as soon as the lockdown is over. I want to be with them so badly! My oldest sister is the caregiver and does a great job. I usually give her April off and visit for a month. Not this year of course. I am anxiously waiting for the nursing home to open up.
    Good luck finding a spot. Make every moment memorable with your dad. It is very important to give the main caregiver a break…I wish I could help my sister,

    • Oh Patti that’s right, I remember when your dad went in to the home, I’m so sorry you and your family are going through that, not being able to visit. SO TOUGH!!! I’m grateful that my sis is able to care for my dad at home and will do whatever is asked to make their lives easier when we arrive this week. Thanks for reading and we will keep ya posted.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you can find an affordable place. Have you considered leaving your RV where it is and doing an air BNB, or extended stay motel. They might not be the same as having your home with you but could be a compromise and closer to family. Hugs

  3. in Aguanda, maybe 2 hours from LA. they allow 5th wheels, they have year and length rules but many 5th wheels are set up there, according to friends of mine who have a motorhome there.

    By Riverside county rules you are only supposed live here 9 months out of a year, but many are there full time, they tell me. The place is big enough that “We have our own restaurant and market on site 😀,” they say.

    I haven’t looked up the prices, but it’s got to be way WAY cheaper than anything in LA County! Ric

  4. So sorry about your dad! =( Did you look into Casa Del Sol in Hemet? I’m sure it’ll still be hot, but their space rent was reasonable, and it’s a residency park so they might still do month to month. Best wishes to you and your family.


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