Random Scenes from Rawlins

Since boondocking in the cold at Rim Lake for far too long, we’re about to head back after a bit more pleasant stay with full hookups at Red Desert Rose RV Campground.

Rawlins RV Park

Our stay gave us the chance to browse the back streets of Rawlins, Wyoming.

rawlins wyoming

Rim Lake was fun, and quiet, and remote…but did we mention it was cold!

snowy hitch

For years, we’ve driven right past Rawlins on the way to Fort Collins or another favorite boondocking spot near Sinclair. I will say, it definitely feels like Wyoming.

cowboys and indians

Our second day here, I went on what was probably the coldest morning run I have ever done.

Wooly Bully

Even the woolly bullys and cows even had their winter coats on!

Wooly Bully

Or were they Yaks? The weather finally cleared up and we discovered Rawlins has a wonderful running trail that wanders for miles around this rural Wyoming town.

Frontier Prison Museum

It starts at the Wyoming State Penitentiary, which was an interesting sight in itself – now housing the Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum.

Don’t miss our photos from the Carbon County Museum and the video of the Edison Phonograph we found there!

Rawlins Victorian

Other architecture around town showed the small city’s age, and reminded us of Eureka.

Rawlins Victorian

Many big old homes were built during the exact same era as the monstrosity we restored while doing our time in Eureka. One even had a slight resemblance to the Pink Lady.

Santa Cruzr

My favorite finds, however, were a couple funky rigs I found.

Santa Cruzr

This Rawlins Roadster is right outta Mad Max!


But this funky custom build really caught my eye…a truck? A tractor? It’s a Trucktor! Find many more cool rigs and campers in the LiveWorkDream Gallery.

Looks like a fun project I may need to suggest when we return to Vickers Ranch for another fun summer of workamping!

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    • They were very skittish too! it was hard to get close…or they wondered what the silly man in blue tights was doing out in the freezing weather!


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