I’m calling it done.

The End of the Road

It’s official. This will be the last time I update our map. Well, at least this map…

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Our long strange trip is over.

No, don’t get any big ideas. We will not be hanging up the keys any time soon. It is only Rene’s big idea of RVing to Alaska that I am officially calling over and done with! Didn’t mean to scare anyone… 😉

Alaska Highway Survivor
We survived Destruction Bay, barely/

After traveling thousands of miles, and overcoming many challenges, we have come full circle. Back at the same KOA Kampground we left exactly one year ago after selling the Rocky Mountain property we rarely visited, I am closing the book on this chapter of our journey.

Toad River ATV Bridge
Toad River ATV Bridge at Petersen Creek, BC Canada

For anyone who hasn’t been following along, and everyone considering taking their trailer to the Last Frontier, I leave your with a few memorable moments over the last few months – and links to some important posts we published along the way.

Highlights of RVing to Alaska

Challenges on the Road to The Last Frontier

Burwash Landing
Boondocking with ghosts at Burwash Landing.

The Highs (and Lows) of Boondocking on The Alaska Highway

Does Satellite Internet Work in Alaska?

Yukon Grizzlies
Up close and personal with Yukon Grizzlies.

Our Best Pics of Alaska Highway Wildlife (so far!)

All Our Posts about RVing to Alaska

Carcross, Yukon River Bridge
Carcross, Yukon River Bridge

So…where to now? South!

Visit our Full-time RVing Maps gallery to find out where we are currently – and everywhere we’ve been over the past 11+ years…and counting.

Braeburn, Yukon.
Late night walk near Braeburn, Yukon.

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  1. Jim, just seen your video about maintaining your superglide hitch, we have the same hitch and I have been trying to find someone else with the highway products toolbox with the hitch. We have a mega cab dodge and are considering that toolbox but haven’t found any proof that it might work until now. Just wanted to say thanks for the help, Jimmy Daniels, Norton KS


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