Recent Wildlife Encounters at Jerry’s Acres

We interrupt our usual RV product reviews, truck and trailer maintenance tips, and workamping posts for nothing more than some fun photos of wildlife I recently encountered near our Rocky Mountain retreat where we are spending the summer.

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Coyote Pups of Crystal Lakes

First, the furry cuteness overload…

Crystal Lakes Coyote Pups
Crystal Lakes Coyote Pups

Shortly after returning to Jerry’s Acres this summer, we discovered a coyote den and saw the pups playing nearby.

Crystal Lakes Coyote Pups
2 of 5

They must be just a few months old now. Driving home one evening, a couple of them stopped to check us out.

Crystal Lakes Coyote Pups

Apparently, we aren’t that exciting after all.


Creedmore Lakes Encounters

We’ve visited Crystal Lakes for almost eight years now, and just finally hiked a couple miles along Panhandle Creek, past Creedmore Lakes. Came across critters of all shapes and sizes along the way…

Creedmore Lakes Moose Cow
Momma Moose

TIP: If you stumble upon a moose while hiking with others, quietly tell everyone to stop and quickly have your friends grab their dog. If it’s a cow, you do not want to find out if she has a calf nearby!

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Tiger Swallowtail

Walk softly and don’t forget to look down

Bald Eagle Encounter

And then, cresting the dam on a run one morning I came upon the resident Bald Eagle at Panhandle Reservoir.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle having breakfast.

As I approached it was just hopping out of the water. 

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
Whatchyou lookin’ at?

I stopped and watched a while.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
Nothing to see here!

As the beautiful big bird watched me.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
Move along now.

I may have disturbed his breakfast.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle

Or her breakfast.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
Silly humans.

It’s hard to identify bald eagle gender from afar.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
So much for breakfast…

Only had my old iPhone 4s with the crappy camera.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
Off to my usual hangout then.

But at least I was able able to catch this sequence of the majestic bird taking off.

Crystal Lakes Bald Eagle
See ya!

And flying across the lake.

Pretty Creatures Everywhere


Hiking Panhandle Creek
Rene cools off at Panhandle Creek.

I encountered the most beautiful creature of all.

Panhandle Creek
Soaking in the sun.

The elusive Barefooted Rat! Cooling off in the creek after exploring all the wildlife nearby.

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What wildlife have you encountered in your travels?


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