Where to go Winter Full-time RVing? West, of Course!

Woah! I missed publishing our weekly Wednesday blog post! For the last year Jim and I have alternated writing a post each week. We often joked, “Who’s gonna blow it first and forget to write on Wednesday?” Well, today I’m wearing the dunce cap. Doh! Whatever. Someone had to do it.

German Shepherd, Tripawd, Lake City, Colorado
Wyatt says goodbye to Vickers Ranch.

We’re just now catching our breath after working long, crazy hours on our own stuff and at the ranch. Like Jim said last week, summer workamping at Vickers Ranch was awesome as usual.

Working with the Vickers family has always been fun for us, even when things got crazy. What I’ve always admired about them is that no matter why or how often poop hits the fan, every family member just rolls on to the next day. They never dwell on mishaps or screw-ups. I guess that’s what’s kept them in business for over 100 years. And not blowing each-others heads off.

Lake City Colorado summer workamping job
Just another day on the ranch.

Another way we kept sane all summer was by consuming mass quantities of the awesomely organic, healthy food sold at Peter and Patty’s store, The High Country Market.

Even in the tiny town of Lake City, Colorado, they work endless hours to bring top quality produce to everyone. And once again they spared Jim and I the one hour drive to Gunnison to hit the big grocery store. Yes, it was more expensive to buy food in Lake City. But like I’ve said about our previous Lake City Eat Local Challenge, not wasting a day off just for shopping was totally worth it.

The High Country Market Rocks Lake City Colorado
Peter and Patty know what good food is all about!

We only went to Gunnison twice all summer, and it was only for health issues we had to deal with, not because we wanted to. That health issue taught me loads about full-timing with a medical condition and sucky health insurance for full-time RVers. I’ll share my findings in a future post.

Now that we’ve left the ranch, it’s time for us to regroup and figure out: where to next? There’s always dozens of To Do lists on the business side, but our winter full-time RVing itinerary is wide open.

Leaving Lake City as the fall colors begin.
Leaving Lake City as the fall colors begin.

We’re currently in Northern California, bouncing around for a bit between Sacramento and Shasta. We’ll catch up with friends then go find some peace and quiet off Highway 395. And by the end of October it’s on to another epic Las Vegas Halloween for Jim’s annual birthday bash.

So far it looks like we’ll spend winter in Southern California and Arizona. But who knows, with this full-timing lifestyle, anything is possible. It all depends on which way the wind blows.

Where is the wind taking your RV this winter? Hope to see you out there!





5 thoughts on “Where to go Winter Full-time RVing? West, of Course!”

  1. The whole reason we went to Baja in the first place was to avoid AZ, Southern CA, Texas and Florida. After a few years none of them feel appealing, and every year we were going to less and less cool places because we were trying to avoid doing the same old stuff over and over again. It’s too bad that the US is so big but you only get a short stretch of time each year to explore the places that aren’t uncomfortably cold for most of the spin-’round-the-sun.

    With our sites set on Florida for Christmas with family, I’m looking at a map and thinking, “Man, it’s either going to be a lllllong winter in Florida or a really cold time in Georgia….”

    • Nathan you guys have a bad case of wanderlust, that’s for sure! We still find lots to do and different experiences in the desert every winter, but then again we aren’t nearly as adventurous as you all are! Hey, maybe with climate change, we’ll get lots more time to explore those cold-weather places like the Northern Rockies, Canada, etc!

      We honestly can’t deal with Florida or the East Coast. But yeah, it’s family after all so sometimes we just gotta suck it up. That’s how it is with us and L.A. At least you can be there this winter knowing that you’re not nearly as cold as the majority of folks in North America. You might even be warmer than we are in the Southwest! Enjoy!

  2. Hi guys! I’m hoping we are still on for New Year’s in Borrego Springs!?!? I have my rig now and will be heading out of CO in about 6 weeks. We need to talk logistics!


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