Highlights from Vickers Ranch Workamping Job

I was too busy workamping at Vickers Ranch all summer to write too many detailed blog posts, let alone even dump all the photos off our cameras as often as I would have liked.

Slumgullion Pass Fall Colors
Slumgullion Pass Fall Colors

Since hitting the road again, I’m just now catching up on our own business endeavors, and finally have lots of great photos, videos—and experiences—to share. Details coming soon about some really fun projects, I promise.

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For now, I’ll just tease with some highlights from our summer workamping jobs

Upper Vickers Ranch
Scene from upper ranch fence removal project.

As I’ve mentioned before, the reason I love I love ranch workamping with the Vickers, is the variety of work. This year tasks ranged from interior design to heavy equipment operation.

Cabin Demolition Project

Really heavy equipment…

AgriDrain Installation
AgriDrain Installation at Vickers Lake

Which we used for various projects…

Upper Ranch Logging
Logging for Lumber on Upper Ranch

And then there were Burger Nights, with lots of burgers…

Workamping the Grill at Vickers Ranch Burger Night
Workamping the Grill at Vickers Ranch Burger Night

And of course, there was Hay Season

Hay Stacker
Stacking Hay with Paul Vickers

With Lots of Hay…

Old Farmall Tractor
Old Farmall at Fourth Meadow

And yes, even another woodworking project

But, would you believe? One of my favorite jobs is the eating of the weeds…

Weed-eating Aftermath Workamping at Vickers Ranch
Weed-eating Aftermath Workamping at Vickers Ranch

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