Cheap Easy Fix for Cracked RV Bathtub

Duct tape and bailing wire have long been touted as the go-to MacGyver tools for fixing just about anything. But you can’t use those to fix a crack in your RV bathtub.

How To Repair RV Bathtub Crack

RV bathtub linings are notoriously thin and flimsy. The stock tub installed in most trailers is inevitably going to crack, especially under the constant use of full-time RVers. Replacement RV bathtubs can be expensive, and complicated to install. (I may get into that subject in much more detail later.)

That’s why I was happy to discover that Eternabond RV Rubber Roof Repair Tape is the perfect temporary fix for any tub crack. And, based on how my recent repair is holding up, it isn’t necessarily just a temporary solution!

Eternabond RV Roof Repair Tape
Eternabond RV Roof Repair Tape

Eternabond Waterproof Sealing Tape

Eternabond White Roof Seal is just that, for repairing rubber RV roof leaks. Products like this were originally developed for repairing fiberglass boat hulls. And it can even be applied underwater. The rolls comes in various widths and lengths, and it has been keeping the crack in our tub watertight for a couple months now. Find great prices on Amazon for the size you need, and read on for my tips about how easy it is to use for repairing your cracked RV bathtub.

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NOTE: I like having a longer roll on hand than I need, since I have found various uses for Eternabond. I’ve used it to repair our bathtub, and seal holes in our collapsible 5 gallon water jugs. Should the need ever arise, I’ll have some on hand for our rubber roof.

Eternabond cheap RV bathtub crack repair

Three Simple Steps to Repair RV Tub Crack

1. Thoroughly clean and dry tub surface.

If your tub as been leaking for a while, allow ample time for the crack to dry out. Or consider using a hair dryer to ensure their is no moisture that may cause rot or mildew under the crack. After cleaning the tub, I wiped the cracked area down with alcohol to ensure there was no dust and everything was good and dry.

TIP: If covering a large area, or using Eternabond on your roof, prepare the surface with Etranaclean Spray Cleaner and Etranaprime Spray Primer.

Eternabond cheap RV bathtub crack repair

2. Prepare Eternabond seal.

Cut a length of tape that provides a seal with at least 3/4″ margin around the entire crack. Use scissors to round off the edges so there are no square corners that may easily come up over time.

TIP: Work the tape between your fingers to soften the adhesive. Roll it in two directions a few times, then squeeze it firmly for a couple minutes. This will make the tape more pliable, and ensure a good seal.

Eternabond cheap RV bathtub crack repair

3. Apply tape to crack.

Carefully remove the clear release liner from the adhesive. Start at one end and use a fingernail or thin blade to peel up the backing.

TIP: Do not allow the tape to touch itself—or anything else–once the adhesive is exposed. Eternabond is extremely tacky, and will stick to anything.

Center the patch over the crack and apply it from the middle out to one end of the tape, so air bubbles to not form under the tape. Repeat in the other direction to apply entire length of tape. Press firmly with fingers or use a rubber seal roller for best results.

Alternatives to Eternabond

A quick search reveals various RV forums with RVers discussing the pros and cons of Eternabond and other products for repairing rubber roofs and bathtubs. One alternative that comes up often is 3M Extreme Sealing Tape. While the 3M tape is clear, and may look better once applied, it is only 2mil thick. Eternabond is 35 mil thick, which should clearly create a better seal and last longer.

Better Than Eternabond
Better Than Eternabond

One other product is even marketed as Better Than Eternabond Roofing and RV White Rubber Repair Tape. This “commercial grade” product from Roof BITE Tapes comes with a 10 year warranty. Why is it “Better than Eternabond”? Good question! The company says, “it has manufactured components that extends the useful life of the product when exposed outside to UV long term.”

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Any Questions?

Leave a comment below with any questions or tips you have for repairing a cracked RV bathtub.

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