Full-time RVing and Laughter Yoga is the Best Rx

Full-tme RVing and laughter yoga. I never would have dreamed that something so simple is the key to surviving life’s occasional mishaps, challenges and miseries. But recent events in our life have convinced me that laughing on purpose not only gets you through life’s challenges, but helps you thrive in spite of them.

Do this and you can survive anything.

Laughing at Trailer Tire Blowout Roadside Flat Repair

Free Meds, No Side Effects

Full-time RVing is always full of adventure. Most of it can be labeled “good†and a fair amount can be labeled “bad.†Take for instance our recent trailer tire blowout just outside of Austin, Texas on Interstate 35.

It was only our second high speed trailer tire blowout in nine years, but it was a doozy. The front tire blew while traveling at 65 miles per hour but for the first ten seconds we had no idea what occurred. Thankfully a passing motorist was kind enough to drive alongside Jim while her passenger waived her arms frantically to get our attention.

“Uh oh!†he said.
“What?! What?! What?!†I panicked.

With almost a decade of RV towing under his belt, Jim was prepared. Steady and confident, he managed to get us into the far right lane but we were going too fast to catch the next off-ramp. The only place left to stop? The emergency lane.

Twenty miles outside of Austin: blowout!

Fifth Wheel Trailer Tire Blowout Roadside Flat Repair

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. We stopped hyperventilating. Then, like any fit and capable man, Jim tried to jump out of the truck to assess the damage. But I wouldn’t let him: I insisted he allow me to call Coach-Net, our emergency roadside assistance lifesaver. As much as I knew he could change the tire, there was no way I would allow him to do it while traffic whizzed by his head at 80 miles-per-hour.

Reluctantly he gave in. As we waited for Coach-Net to save the day, I fell apart.

“What the hell? Another blowout? Why? What is going on? Are we overweight? What’s wrong with our tires? Are they too old? Did we hit something? Why us? Why us? What the ….â€

What made the situation even more emotional was that for the last six months, our biggest goal was to arrive in Austin that week. It was our Tripawds community’s first real exhibit at a prestigious vet conference. While sitting there waiting in frustration for Coach-Net’s mechanic to arrive, my emotions spiraled downward. Anger, blame, sadness, you name it, everything raced through my head and heart until . . . .

Forced. Insane. Laughter. That one little trick saved the day and allowed us to get through a two hour wait for help, then arrive in Austin without the rest of our day or our week turning to crap.

From Cynic to Believer, Laughter Yoga is Powerful Medicine

When our dear friend Dave Berman first became passionate about the health benefits of his laughter yoga practice, my cynicism took over. I thought it was a cult tactic to brainwash humanity into  . . . something.

But when Jim started trying laughing on purpose right there on the Interstate, I gave it a whirl. It was that, or whine and cry. We all know what the better choice is.

Lately I’ve tried laughing on purpose so many times that I can no longer deny the health benefits of forced laughter during good times and bad.

Laughter yoga minimizes stress.

Fifth Wheel Trailer Tire Blowout Roadside Flat Repair

Coach-Net RV Roadside Assistance Plan

Laughter heals, especially when your life is as unpredictable as a full-time Rver’s. For example:

Laughing Eases Pain

In Big Bend I had a bad mountain bike wreck that probably should have sent me to the nearest hospital. While riding home with blood pouring out of my wounds, I laughed for over a mile. At the time I felt like a total lunatic doing so, but later I felt much less pain, anger and blame for my stupid fall.

Laughing Makes Stupid Situations Tolerable

When the campground shooter in Black Gap started pelting the area with ricochets, we could have just packed up and left. But we were there first and wanted to stay longer, so why should we? Instead, every rapid fire bullet was met with insanely purposeful laughter by Jim and I. The result? Our stay wasn’t ruined and we have good stories to tell about it.

Laughing Helps You Thrive Through Calamities.

When you drive like a true full-time RVer, calamities are bound to come your way. From brake disasters to flash flood evacuations, these things are all part of the package. If you can’t cope with an ever-changing environment, just hang up the keys now. Jim and I have managed to survive these episodes, but not always with kindness toward one another. But after laughing on the side of the interstate, we know for certain that laughing on purpose will get us through anything with humor and love intact.

Nobody ever expects bad days. Laughter makes them easier.

Fifth Wheel Trailer Tire Blowout Roadside Flat Repair

Jim usually starts the laughter session first. He’s just better able to flip the switch than me. But once he starts with his lunatic laughter, I can’t help but cave. However, not until I think to myself:

“Stop it you’re crazy!â€
“No, I refuse, I hate things right now, that’s so stupid…â€
“Oh my God you look like a moron . . . .

I force myself to join in, but when I do, the rest comes easily and naturally. With both of us smiling, laughing and getting on the same page while things fall apart around us, we intuitively know we’ll survive anything. I’m getting better at kickstarting the sessions, and Jim just reminded me that I was the one who started it right there on the interstate.

full-time, RVer, Rene, Agredano, Austin, Texas

Try Laughter on Purpose, It Works

A big thank you to Dave, whose wisdom and and enlightenment has helped Jim and I become better human beings since 2002. From the day he point blank told us “I just don’t give a shit†about his life trajectory and decided to Manifest Positivity instead, Dave has enriched our lives in more ways than we can count.

Read Dave’s book and laugh for the health of it!

And start laughing your ass off NOW. Life’s too short to sit there and stew in misery, dammit.

9 thoughts on “Full-time RVing and Laughter Yoga is the Best Rx”

  1. You don’t know how much I needed this!
    We are just in the beginning stages of RVing fulltime, have not fully pulled up stakes yet.
    I am seeing horror stories about theres no full time RV parking in California, being refused at parks if your coach us older than 10 yrs, getting stranded, etc etc….I REALLY needed to read that others have a moment of panic & it all worked out!
    I am truly VERY new to all this…. But with my husbands career we need to be mobile to go where the work is. ( large commercial construction)
    Any help with advice on best blogs to read or any RV parks you recommend on the West Coast much appreciated!

  2. We’ve had a blow out on a trailer tire on the side of a busy highway too! I know how stressful that is! I love plain old yoga but laughter yoga is even better! Glad you found a way to ease the stress.

  3. I will definitely have to try this. I’m not as good about letting go and staying calm like Jerud is when bad things happen. I love the pictures of you insanely laughing! By the way, how do you like Coach-Net? We’re thinking about switching to them when our Good Sam roadside assistance expires.

    • You crack me up Ching, I was just thinking of you and seeing what you’ve been up to! Stay up in that area, we’re headed there soon.

      Glad you like the laughter yoga. We really do think it’s awesome for stressful times. Wait till my next post about it, our friend Dave gave us some really great tips on video.

      As for Coach-Net, we are very pleased. We had Good Sam and it didn’t rock our world. We’ve used CN twice in a year and they’ve handled everything beautifully. Totally worth it.

    • Awww Cija! I love it when we laugh together, we need to do that more. But thanks. Try it though, it really works during the most stressful times ever. More “how tos” coming soon!


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