Winfield RV Products Review, Part 1

Every time we visited the Quartzsite RV Show over the years, I noticed these fifth wheel stabilizer braces from Winfield RV Products. I always thought “what a great idea” but we never stopped to ask about them.

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This year, I noticed Winfield had various other products on display too. I just had to know how the stabilizer braces work, so I introduced myself to Scott who gave me a quick demonstration. I was so impressed, we got a set to review. Read on for details about this stabilizing cross brace, scroll down to watch my demo video, and don’t miss Part 2 discussing the adjustable landing leg extensions we also picked up from Winfield at the show.

Fifth Wheel Landing Gear Cross Brace Stabilizer Review

Every fifth wheel owner knows how high winds or the smallest movement inside will cause the rig to rock. This is especially noticeable up in the bedroom. On more than one occasion, we’ve been awakened by the motion from Wyatt scratching in the middle of the night. This rocking was especially noticeable annoying in certain locations, when the legs were extended higher than normal due to the terrain.

I never wanted to carry a tripod for the kingpin, which just doesn’t seem effective to me. But I thought that was the only solution available to prevent movement—until I found the Winfield stabilizer bars at Quartzsite. Once I discovered there is no need to remove the bars, I was sold! And now that we’ve had them on for a few weeks, I can honestly say the difference is amazing.

Winfield RV Fifth Wheel Stabilizer Brace Reminder

In short, we no longer experience the rocking and swaying. Here’s a perfect example: Before installing the cross brace stabilizer bars, the latch for our entry door would knock against the side of the rig—right outside my bedroom window—whenever one of us was walking around or the wind blew hard, like those crazy Basin and Range winds. That hasn’t happened since installing the braces!

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How to Install Winfield Fifth Wheel Stabilizers

Installing the cross braces was simple. It took me less than 30 minutes, and I only needed a couple wrenches. No drilling was required since they simply bolt on to the legs in a few simple steps:

1. Attach Upper Brackets

Bolt the top stabilizer brackets to the uppermost rigid square tubes that house the top of the landing legs, using the provided U-bolts. You will notice one of the brackets will have the brace connector positioned toward the rear, and on the opposite leg that connector will be in front.

2. Attach the Lower Brackets

Remove the feet from the landing legs, and attach the lower brackets by bolting them on through the same holes where you removed the pins holding on the feet. The bolts attaching the brackets will replace the pins, securing the feet into the legs. Ensure that the cross brace connectors on the bottom are aligned in the same position (forward or rearward) as the top brace connector on the opposite leg.

Winfield RV Adjustable Leg Extenders

3. Install the Cross Braces

Attach the cross brace stabilizer bars to the brackets using the included smaller bolts and locking nuts. The wider ends of the bars attach to the top brackets. Remove the pin securing each brace together, and slide the thinner ends out so you can attach them to the lower brackets on the opposite sides.

How the Cross Braces Work

To tighten the fifth wheel stabilizer, you just turn the braces. When you arrive at your location, lower the landing legs and unhitch as usual. The cross braces will telescope out as the legs are extended.

  1. Hold the wide end of the brace and turn the inner shaft until a pair of holes are aligned.
  2. Insert a pin to lock the brace shafts together. (Repeat for other brace.)
  3. Hand tighten each brace until they are snug.
  4. Place reminder flag over the landing leg motor switch.

When it’s time to move on, simply reverse the process.

  1. Remove reminder flag.
  2. Twist each brace in opposite direction until loosened.
  3. Remove pins from each brace.
  4. Store pins and flag nearby for future use.

One of the best features of the cross brace stabilizer bars is that they never have to be removed. They can be permanently installed and will automatically stow as the legs are retracted. There is no need to remove and store them somewhere every time you move—like you must do with a kingpin tripod.

Winfield Fifth Wheel Stabilizer Demo Video (And More!)

Visit for detailed installation instructions and a how to video. While at the Quartzsite show, we filmed Scott demonstrating his products. So I combined that footage with my review to create this video showing both the fifth wheel stabilizer and adjustable landing leg extenders in use. Check it out, then contact Winfield for more information, or feel free to ask any questions below!

Adjustable Landing Leg Extension Review

In the video above, you’ll notice I discuss both the cross brace fifth wheel stabilizers and adjustable landing leg extensions from Winfield RV Products. Stay tuned for  Part 2 of this series where I will review the leg extenders in more detail.

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Any questions?

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