Winfield RV Products Review, Part 2

In Part 1 of this review series I shared this video demonstrating both the Fifth Wheel Stabilizer and Adjustable Landing Leg Extensions from Winfield RV Products. Starting at about 01:43 I show how to use the leg extensions, which I discuss in more detail below.

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We like to stay off the beaten path, a lot, and that has put us in some pretty crooked spots.

Boondocking in Quartzsite

While we do use leveling blocks under the wheels, that often results in one of the trailer’s landing legs to be slightly off the ground since both are extended using one switch.

Lynx RV Levelling Blocks

Adding blocks under the feet never really solved the problem, since invariably one of the legs was still be just a bit higher than the other. Raising the trailer with one of the legs even just a little bit shorter always resulted in very noticeable rocking inside the rig. We’ve solved the fifth wheel rocking problem by installing the Winfield cross brace stabilizer. And now that we’ve added their adjustable leg extenders, we have no problem leveling out the trailer.

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Adjustable Fifth Wheel Landing Leg Extension Review

I was excited to see the adjustable landing leg extenders in the Winfield booth at Quartzsite, and knew immediately what they were for. Watch the video above for complete details about how they work. It’s pretty simple…

With the extensions installed, if one foot is slightly off the ground when the landing legs are extended, you simply spin that foot until it touches the ground. You can even get away with just installing one of the extensions. If you do that, just extend the leg without the extension first until it hits the ground. Then extend the other leg and insert the pin. If it’s off the ground, spin the foot using the adjustable leg extender.

Personally, I like to manually extend the legs and pin them before lowering them together with the switch. Now, with the adjustable leg extenders installed on both legs I can just spin the foot of whichever leg doesn’t touch the ground when parked in an uneven spot. It’s quick and easy, and I enjoy not having to add blocks or dig out under the feet to level the trailer before unhitching.

Winfield RV Adjustable Leg Extenders

How to Install Winfield Adjustable Leg Extenders

Whether your installing just one, or two of the extenders, the procedure is the same. Hitch your fifth wheel to your truck and chock your trailer wheels first!

1. Remove Footpad from Landing Leg

Take out the pin that secures the foot to the leg and set it aside. You will use it to attach the foot to the extension.

2. Insert Adjustable Leg Extender into Landing Leg

Remove the bolts from the extension, and insert it into the leg. Make sure the threaded bolt holes align with the holes where the pin was. If they do not, turn the extension 90 degrees and re-insert it.

3. Re-attach Footpad to Leg Extender

Insert the foot into the leg extension and secure it in place with the pin you removed earlier.


Winfield RV Adjustable Leg Extenders

NOTE: When Used with Winfield Cross Brace Stabilizer

If you are also using the Fifth Wheel Stabilizer from Winfield RV Products, use the 3/4″ Allen head bolt to attach the brace bracket to the leg extender. You will be supplied this bolt if purchasing both together.

How the Leg Extenders Work

Extend the legs as usual. If one hits the ground before the other, spin the leg extension until both feet are on the gorund.

It’s really that simple!

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Fifth Wheel Cross Brace Stabilizer Review

In the video above, you’ll notice I discuss both the adjustable landing leg extensions and cross brace fifth wheel stabilizers from Winfield RV Products. Don’t miss Part 1 of this series where I review the stabilizer in much more detail.

Any questions?

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