RVLock Keyless RV Lock Handle Product Review

Changing the lock on your RV door is one of the most important steps full-time RVers can take to improve home security on the road.

Watch this short video to see why, and what product we recommend to upgrade RV door locks. Then read on for our detailed review of the RVLock keyless RV entry system, complete with simple installation instructions.

rv lock keypad handlePurely by coincidence, we received a new RVLock v.4.0 keyless RV door handle with integrated keypad and key fob to review, shortly after discovering that the key to our old fifth wheel unlocked the door to our new rig!

The old door lock had also started jamming, requiring us to slam the handle closed for it to engage, so we were excited to give the new keyless handle a try. After quickly installing the new handle, programming its keypad and fob, and testing it for a couple days, I’m even more excited to share why I think this is a must-have product for every full-time RVer concerned about home security.

RVLock v.40 Keyless RV Lock Benefits

The first thing that impressed me about the RVLock v.4.0 was the stylish design and heavyweight construction. It feels solid, with durable components. My first concern was whether it would fit our door, which it did perfectly.

RVLock Keyless RV Entry Door Handle Install

The system provides three ways to secure your RV door. Enter a numeric combination on the keypad, use the remote key fob, or use  the included set of backup keys. Installation was simple, and the option to use the keypad or remote key fob is a huge benefit. The keypad numbers even illuminate for easy visibility in the dark!

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RVLock Pros & Cons:

RVLock Keyless RV Entry Door Handle Install

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  • Stylish design and sturdy construction
  • Motor-driven deadbolt lock
  • Durable locking mechanism
  • Programmable keypad
  • Remote key fob included
  • Keypad numbers illuminate for high visibility
  • Replaces industry standard RV door handle
  • Locks can still be manually operated
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Includes set of backup keys
  • Batteries included


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  • Only engages deadbolt lock
  • Plastic interior pull handle (latch handle is metal)
  • No “0” or “9” on keypad


RVLock Keyless RV Entry Door Handle Install

The deadbolt can still be manually locked from the inside, and both locks can be operated using the keys. But the keyless entry is why you want to install this lock on your RV door. The battery operated mechanism locks and unlocks the deadbolt when the combination is entered on the keypad or the key fob button is pressed. An audible beep alerts you when the lock is engaged. And you can program virtually any combination of up to eight digits.

RVLock Keyless RV Entry Door Handle Install

With integrated keypad door lock, we can now head out for a run without carrying a key, or stashing one in a cabinet while we’re gone. And the keyfob is a blessing when walking Wyatt, or coming home with arms full of grocery bags. Additional Remote Key Fobs are available and can easily be synced with your RVLock 4.0 keypad.

RVLock Keyless RV Entry Door Handle Install

RVLock v.4.o Keypad Handle Installation

Everything needed to install the locking keypad handle was included in the box. Only a single Phillips screwdriver was required to do the job, which took less than ten minutes. Easy to follow instructions for installing the handle and programming the keypad and remote are also included in the box, and more information is available on the RVLock website.

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  1. Latch the door in open position to secure in place, making it easy to work on.
  2. Remove old handle by unscrewing 4 screws on interior handle and 2 screws on strike plate.
  3. Separate RVLock interior/exterior handles by unfastening quick-release wire harness
  4. If necessary, install 4 AA batteries by removing 2 screws securing battery compartment.
  5. Slide exterior handle with integrated keypad into door from outside, inserting lock into cutout in side of door.
  6. Attach new strike plate with 4 small screws to hold handle in place.
  7. Connect wires and align levers on interior handle with locking mechanism.
  8. Attach interior handle with four long screws.
  9. Operate keypad and key fob to confirm they function before tightening all screws and locking door.
  10. Follow steps to program custom combination for keypad, and sync key fob if necessary


That’s it. Enjoy remote entry to your RV or trailer, and rest assured that nobody can get into your home with their keys! Batteries should last approximately six months, and an audible tone will alert you to when the need replacing. Set a custom code you will remember, and keep the spare keys somewhere safe as a backup.

RVLock Amazon Store

JT Guardian And Co. Website

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13 thoughts on “RVLock Keyless RV Lock Handle Product Review”

  1. We were worried that RVLock V4 may not work in our black glass door in our Arctic Wolf 5th wheel. We love the convenience it provides. It was easy to change the combo as that was important as we use a pet sitter and we can control who has access and change the combo when she isn’t helping us.

  2. Like the concept. Do the key-less products have the same weakness of original locks,? That being they will have the same key as many other locks produced? Thanks

    • Interesting…I installed our RVLock in January, 2015 and have only replaced the batteries once, just a couple months ago. You might consider using different battery brands or contacting the manufacturer.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Jim, just bought a used rv 2012 keystone alpine. Bought from a dealer in Indiana, did not get code. Can I use any of these methods to reset without knowing the original code?

    • Sure, it’s worth a try! If all else fails, and the rig has an RVLock, follow the links above to download the manual or contact the manufacturer.

  4. Trying to buy this, but not sure where the buy button is.
    I am a manager to A MH and RV Park. We are selling an RV 5th wheel. But I lost key, and heard about this.
    I want to buy two.
    Where do I go to buy this??

    • Thanks for asking Donnie! Every RVLock link and photo in the post above will direct you to Amazon for purchase. We’ve edited the post to make it more clear.

  5. Just watched your video on the RVLock. I’m close to a long trip myself and I am also worried about security. Watching your video and the keyless entry looks good BUT I see that there are key slots and keys with an undetermined number of pins.
    I have just finished watching a few UTUBE videos about locks and picking them or bouncing them, and after that I thought if the keys, and the key slots were NOT on this latch the security part of the RVLock would be much stronger. From what I have seen on UTUBE just changing to the RVLock keyed latch would remove the chance of other RV door keys opening my trailer as in your video and save the 3 times cost of the keyless entry!
    Is the $$$ cost of the keyless entry over priced since the locks look like they could be picked fairly easy????
    Please let me know your thoughts

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jim! But honestly, absolutely nothing will keep someone out of your rig if they are determined to get in. I think the keyless entry is the greatest benefit of the RV Lock 4.0, and it is certainly going to stop the occasional creep from attempting to break in with the typical RV door key and slow anyone else determined to try.


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