Desert Roaming and Meanderings

Life is good, and warm. Last week we went from this 30 degree weather in South Park Colorado.

To the refuge of Southern Utah.
80 degrees and loving it.

and in the process of picking up stakes
from this isolated boondocking spot

We traversed across the Utah / Arizona border and saw
the horrific reality of what’s happened to the Colorado River.

As we headed to Las Vegas to play zombie for Jim’s birthday
I couldn’t help but wonder what Edward Abbey would think.

And on we roll . . .

4 thoughts on “Desert Roaming and Meanderings”

  1. Welcome back to the desert southwest. I’m always sad to leave Colorado….that is until the snow starts flying. Then I can’t get out soon enough. We’re in Phx till Christmas then heading to TX…. might even hit some of your favorite stops 🙂


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