Own a Piece of Colorado History at Lake City’s Vickers Ranch

After four years on the road and nearly 70,000 miles logged on the Dodge, there are a few places that have remained near and dear to us, the kind of place we want to go back to again and again. Vickers Ranch is one of them.

And now that the ranch cabins are for sale, there’s a lot more people who are going to discover the magic of this 100-year old Lake City legacy.

Recently I talked to Larry and Paul Vickers about the family’s exciting new Vickers Horse River Ranch Property that gives the public a chance to own one of their hand-crafted, historic log cabins.

I wrote about the family’s big endeavor in my latest GoColorado.com article, “Lake City Vickers Ranch: Frontier Spirit Thrives in the San Juan Mountains” but you can listen to the interview I based my article on in our latest project:

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In this 15-minute intervew we talk with Larry and Paul Vickers, whose family helped establish Lake City during the peak mining years of the late 1800s.

Jim and I worked at their ranch during 2008 when we thought we wanted to buy a small resort.

Then we realized: What, are we nuts?!

Now that we know the realities of the resort life, we can say we’re definitely not cut out for this kind of gig. The work was the hardest we have ever done but the family’s kindness and generosity made it all worthwhile.

Our adventures at the ranch were chronicled in blogs post such as:

The Nitty Gritty Details of Running a Resort: Wimps Need Not Apply

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Ode to the Laborer

Yeah sure, haying is safe.

The Vickers Hay Chronicles

We’ll hopefully be heading back to the ranch in a few weeks to get our share of hay buckin’, cowboy coffee and manual labor, so stay tuned for more Vickers Ranch workamping adventures.

Meanwhile, if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our Blog Talk Radio show, drop us a line!

1 thought on “Own a Piece of Colorado History at Lake City’s Vickers Ranch”

  1. I saw what they did to Ned Beatty in Deliverance, regardless, this place sounds wonderful and remote (in a Deliverance kind of way). Fresh air, cool mountain breezes, languid Summer days, but then there’s those guys who assaulted Ned Beatty. I guess you can’t hear a tree fall in the forest if you aren’t there but you sure can hear someone squeal like a pig if you are, so I don’t know, this place sounds real secluded. However, it does look beautiful.

    What can one say about Colorado that probably hasn’t been said thousands of times before, it’s the Switzerland of the West but with the expensive chocolate in Aspen.

    Enjoy the roughneck life-style you two and let’s see a picture or two of y’all in chaps with kerchiefs and sweaty hats and a delicate Chardonnay from Stag’s Leap.

    I could hear the banjos when reading this posting…

    Enrico strikes lightly but strike he does!


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