Two Years Deep in the Heart of Paradise

Two years ago this month, we found our place in paradise at Red Feather Lakes.

After searching the country to find Jerry’s Acres, we landed in a place we had passed three times in our travels.

Not once did we realize that paradise awaited deep in the Mummy Range on the way to Walden.

If it wasn’t for the relatively affordable land for sale and our awesome realtors Mike and Marie Edwards, we never would have guessed that everything we were looking for was just an hour from what we think is the best small city in the nation, Fort Collins.

The Honeymoon’s Not Over

When you’re in a spot for a while, those little annoyances you didn’t see upon your arrival tend to make their debut. But not here, not for us.

Sure, there’s the pine beetle epidemic that’s killed quite a few magnificent trees, but we can’t control what the beetles do (thank you, climate change), only try our best to shoo them off with pheromones and natural tree fertilizers.

Sometimes this place does cost more than if we were still fulltime RVers. And while I don’t like the financial burdens of having a piece of the American Dream, I keep reminding myself that ultimately our little place will serve us even better than it does now.

Property values actually increased this year up here, which was a shock. Still, we felt incredibly fortunate to have been in that boat, even if our taxes went up.

Where to Next?

If we stayed here during winter, I think my complaint list would grow.

But we’ll still fly south in winter for the forseeable future.  Just as we start to get fat, happy and settled into routines, it’ll be time to go test our wits out there in the world and live spontaneously once again.

We love Red Feather Lakes. And although it’s nice to have a beautiful place to stay for a while, the adventure of the road tripping lifestyle will always beckon.

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  1. So that’s the secret spot where you guys hang out in summer. Looks just gorgeous!! We’ve got to get there one of these summers to check it out. I love these out-of-the-way gems!


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