Wrong Turn, Right Road Away from Fort Davis Wildfire

Warning: California’s fuel prices may be hazardous to your health.

We’ve seen diesel as high as $4.87 a gallon in Southern California and gas at $4.39 here in Humboldt County. Considering that we were expecting diesel to be over $5 in Humboldt, I suppose this was a relief in a sick sort of way.

Getting to Humboldt County was an epic journey, as usual.

Imagine yourself traveling over the Sierra Nevadas in a covered wagon, and you’ll have a good idea of how rough it can be to bring a RV here.

Although Humboldt’s five hours from anywhere, the hard road to get here is a small price to pay when you do lay your eyes on the land of giant redwoods and lush green forests filled with so many shades of green that you never knew existed.

Escaping the Fort Davis Fire: a Sign from the Universe?

The weird thing about being here for Chris’ memorial this week is that originally we were supposed to be in Fort Davis, Texas today, to check out the McDonald observatory we’ve always wanted to visit. Our plan was to go there and then on to Big Bend National Park.

But I just learned that Fort Davis is on fire, and so is the area between there and Marfa, another town we were supposed to visit afterward.

The biggest fire in Texas history is burning the very place we would have been in at this moment.

It’s good to know we didn’t get stuck in another Texas natural disaster.

I just keep thinking, if we hadn’t turned around and headed back up here for Chris’ memorial, what would have happened to us out there at Fort Davis?

What does this major change to the remainder of our winter snowbirding plans mean? Are we meant to go home early for some reason?

Who knows. All I know is that for every wrong turn we make on the road of life, there’s a right turn just ahead.

9 thoughts on “Wrong Turn, Right Road Away from Fort Davis Wildfire”

  1. We were in Fort Davis when the fire broke out and had to evacuate the campground. It was quite the ride. I think it’s probably serendipity that you’re not in the area. It’s been incredibly dry and hot (Big Bend is over 100). Safe travels wherever you go. Nina

    • Nina, wow, that must have been crazy! Haven’t had a chance to look at your blog lately, I’ll have to check it out. Glad you made it out safely. Too bad we missed you! If you come up to Ft. Collins Colorado look us up, we’ll be there in about a week or two. Travel safe!

      • It was a bit crazy. Thankfully being in an RV has us mobile enough to move out quickly with everything we own in the world. I felt terrible for the locals who lost houses, livestock and pets. We’ll be in CO by June so will definitely check in if we come by! Cheers so much for the offer. Nina

  2. Yes, you are meant to come home by this weekend so you can help us move. Poor Sean can’t do everything and I have this broken arm… (cue violins)

    • Uh huh, good one Lisa! My friend Renee pulled the same stunt last year when she broke her foot and her family was moving. Guess who got to help them pack? Show me the x-rays! Where’s the proof?!!!

      • lol, I posted a pic on FB on March 22. So you’ll be back by this weekend then? If its too cold at your house you can park at mine, we have water and electric set up, and even a dump station.


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