Chris Crawford Was Very Awesome Indeed

Chris Crawford always made us smile!How do you write a tribute for someone whose spirit simply cannot be characterized with words alone?

Bob did a good job at describing how Chris Crawford was awesome in his Talking Tech blog. And the Eureka Times Standard published a rather eloquent obituary for Chris, who would have easily discerned they didn’t write it.

To the paper’s credit, they did run a rather nice cover story by Donna Tam about how the community is mourning his death. They also ran a piece from two business leaders about how friends will always remember Chris Crawford. So true, how could we ever forget?

To know Chris Crawford was to love him. Personally, I feel that after high school and college, one rarely gets the opportunity to make a new lifelong friend. Chris made it simple. He and Elaine welcomed us into their home, and their hearts.

Friends of Jim and Rene at the Crawfords in Eureka

After knowing Chris just a short time, we became very close friends. After the various parties he hosted, or times he and Elaine would treat us to dinner or cocktails, I would thank him sincerely. His reply was always the same: “We’ll have the rest of our lives to make up for it Jim.” My only regret is that I won’t be able to keep my end of that bargain.

Chris was always our biggest advocate. He believed in us when others thought we were crazy. In dealing with the City when attempting to convert an abandoned property into live/work space, he solicited letters on our behalf.

At a public debate when running for Supervisor where his opponent answered my question about what might be done to assist local small internet-based businesses with “government can’t help you…” he easily illustrated aspects of his seven point plan that could.

And, when we decided to follow our dream by selling our home and traveling the country with Jerry, he was there at our sendoff and frequently commented on our travels…

“…we fully appreciate your wanderlust. As you note, it’s always heart warming to know there are people who love you, know you for who you are, and pray for your safety while you pursue this adventure.” — Chris Crawford’s comment on this post.

So much has been said about Chris already. So we will sum this up in stereotypical Crawford fashion…

Look, it’s like this. He led a good life. He was a very fortunate man to have found such a wonderful soul mate in Elaine. He was successful in business, and passionate about what he believed was best for the community. Cancer may have broken his body, but his spirit shall live on forever.

Good Friends Enjoy Ingomar Club Monday Night Football Fun

Gregg and Jay are right. “Was” is indeed the hardest word. God speed my friend. Thank you for being you.

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  1. Hey Jim Just read the blog about your friend Chris. Sorry for your loss. We both know how it is when you lose a close friend. It just goes to show, again, to enjoy the time you spend with someone, you never know if and when you’ll see them again. Take care friend. love- Bri


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