Which Way West?

Our time in Arizona has come to an end, just in time for the heat to set in.

We arrived in Elfrida in mid-February, already knowing that the caretaking job we had agreed to do at one property had morphed into a caretaking job at another property just down the road. Long story.

Unsure of what to expect when we agreed to that job, we went with the flow and gave it a shot.

“At it’s core, adventure is a willingness to commit to an uncertain outcome with an open heart and an open mind.”

Our situation ended up being much different than we originally envisioned, but it was still a positive adventure. We connected with some great folks who we plan on staying in touch with for future winter caretaking opportunities.

Just as we were getting ready to go, a very dear friend of ours from Eureka passed away. He was young and vibrant and should never have left this earth so soon. The unfairness of it all is upsetting beyond words.

We’re not ready to share his story just yet, since a life like his deserves so much more mental bandwidth than I can dig up right now.

When word came of his passing, we knew we had to be there for his memorial service in Eureka. So instead of pointing east to Texas, we turned and went the other way.

After a too-brief visit with family in L.A., we’re now driving north and will be in our old stomping grounds, Humboldt County, for a short stay. Time to dig up the winter clothes that I had just put away.  Brrrr….

Good, bad, boring, adventurous, whatever; there’s never any telling what will happen in life. All we can do is live as best we can and try to make a positive, lasting impact on others in this world, just as our friend did.





3 thoughts on “Which Way West?”

  1. Hi Jim and Renee, sorry to see the reason you are back here in Humboldt. Sad about Chris. Although we never met him, he was well known to all of us here in the county through all his hard work.

    If you get time to meet up with us, we’d love to meet your new fella Wyatt!
    Judy and Dennis

  2. Hey Guys,

    I have been following you for a year or two and live here in Eureka and have really been thinking about buying a trailer and getting out of renting like I have been doing for the last 15+ years of living up here. Would you guys be willing to get together for a lunch while you are up here and sharing some thoughts and having some random guy ask you a bunch of questions about full time rving?



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